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Landmarks are special buildings in CityVille. In January 2011, Zynga released new content in the form of Landmarks. When players logged in they received the following message:
"Make your city stand out by building a new Landmark! Soaring skyscrapers and iconic buildings are just the beginning. Find new landmarks in the Build Menu."

Each landmark costs 2,000,000 Coins and increases the Population Limit by 2,000, thus acting like a Community Building. They need 10 energy to construct and require 12 Staff Members. The exceptions to these requirements are:

  • the Pyramid Skyrise, which costs 150,000 Coins, requires 10 energy, and 50 building materials (10 of each: Safety Goggles, Hard Hat, Marble, Lunch Box, and Cement) to build.
  • the Leaning Tower, which costs 300,000 Coins, increase Population Limit by 1,250, requires 10 Energy, and 25 building materials (5 of each: Marble, Leveler, Arch, Protactor, and Ribbon) to build.
  • the Geodesic Rainforest, which costs 5,000,000 Coins, 8 Energy and 80 building materials (16 of each: Dome Panel, Frog, Seed Packet, Watering Can, and Fertillizer) to build.

In the "Build" menu, they can be found by the end of the "Themes" tab. You can also find them using the "Search" function.

They can be harvested every day for 1,000 Coins, except for the Pyramid Skyrise, which gives 1,500 Coins. They also have a greater chance to give energy than Community Buildings. Actually they are a profitable way to replenish some of your energy, as they pay out their energy cost for harvesting and very likely give you more bonus energy than Community Buildings.

The Landmarks are based on real life places of interest (see below).

When a Landmark is placed in your Inventory, it will appear in the Other category/tab, and sorted accordingly by its name.

Buildings Edit

Image Landmark Cost Allows Staff Item Sets Size Requirement Pop / Size Inspiration
Pearl Tower-icon Pearl Tower 00000000000002000000Coins-icon 2,000,000 Coins 00000000000000002000Population-icon 2,000 Population Staff Members-icon 12 Staff Members / 4x4 Population-icon 10 Population 125 Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai, China

Big Ben-icon Big Ben 00000000000002000000Coins-icon 2,000,000 Coins 00000000000000002000Population-icon 2,000 Population Staff Members-icon 12 Staff Members / 3x3 Population-icon 5,000 Population 222 Big Ben

London, UK

Chicago Tower-icon Chicago Tower 00000000000002000000Coins-icon 2,000,000 Coins 00000000000000002000Population-icon 2,000 Population Staff Members-icon 12 Staff Members / 4x4 Population-icon 7,000 Population 125 Willis/Sears Tower

Chicago, US

Empire State Building-icon Empire State Building 00000000000002000000Coins-icon 2,000,000 Coins 00000000000000002000Population-icon 2,000 Population Staff Members-icon 12 Staff Members / 4x4 Population-icon 10,000 Population 125 Empire State Building

New York City, US

Leaning Tower-icon Leaning Tower 00000000000000300000Coins-icon 300,000 Coins 00000000000000001250Population-icon 1,250 Population / 5×5 4x4 XP-icon Level 50 78.1 Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa, Italy

Geodesic Rainforest-icon Geodesic Rainforest 00000000000005000000Coins-icon 5,000,000 Coins 00000000000000005000Population-icon 5,000 Population / 5×16 8x8 XP-icon Level 90 78.1 Eden Project

Cornwall, UK

Pyramid Skyrise-icon Pyramid Skyrise 00000000000000150000Coins-icon 150,000 Coins no longer buyable 00000000000000001250Population-icon 1,250 Population / 5×10 4x4 XP-icon Level 50 78.1 Transamerica Pyramid

San Francisco, US

London Palace-icon London Palace 00000000000000000075Cash-icon 75 Cash or Chance from British Mystery Crate 00000000000000002500Population-icon 2,500 Population Staff Members-icon 10 Staff Members / 5x5 British Event 156.3 Palace of Westminster

London, UK

Pantheon-icon Pantheon 00000000000000000070Cash-icon 70 Cash 00000000000000002400Population-icon 2,400 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / 5x5 Greek Event 96 Pantheon

Rome, Italy

City Square-icon City Square / 00000000000000008000Population-icon 8,000 Population Staff Members-icon 12 Staff Members / 6x6 Complete Run For Governor-icon Run For Governor Act 1 222 ?
Capitol Rotunda-icon Capitol Rotunda / 00000000000000007750Population-icon 7,750 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / 5x5 Complete Run For Governor-icon Run For Governor Act 2 310 Jefferson Memorial

Washington, D.C., US

Liberty Monument-icon Liberty Monument / 00000000000000007250Population-icon 7250 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / 4x4 Complete Run For Governor-icon Run For Governor Act 3 453.1 Washington Monument

Washington, D.C., US

Jail Museum-icon Jail Museum / 00000000000000002000Population-icon 2000 Population / / 6x6 Complete Night at the Museum!-icon Night at the Museum! 55.6 Alcatraz Island

San Francisco Bay, US

Venetian Palace-icon Venetian Palace / 00000000000000006550Population-icon 6550 Population / 5x12 5x5 Complete Venetian Celebration!-icon Venetian Celebration! 262 Unknown, Venice, Italy
Spanish Opera House-icon Spanish Opera House 00000000000000020000Coins-icon 20,000 Coins 00000000000000000500Population-icon 500 Population / / 5x5 Spanish Event 20 Ciutat de les Arts i les Cienes

Valencia, Spain

Minato Tower-icon Minato Tower / 00000000000000005000Population-icon 5,000 Population / / 5x5 Master Tokyo Cargo to Level 3 200 Tokyo Tower

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto Tower-icon Toronto Tower / 00000000000000003000Population-icon 3,000 Population / / 3x3 Master Toronto Airlines to Level 3 333.3 CN Tower

Toronto, Canada

New York City Center-icon New York City Center / 00000000000000005000Population-icon 5,000 Population / / 5x5 Master New York Airlines to Level 3 200 Rockefeller Center

New York City, US

Mugatu Media Inc-icon Mugatu Media Inc / 00000000000000012000Population-icon 12,000 Population / / 4x4 [Master The Rising Son to Level 3 750 ?, Japan
Zeppelin-icon Zeppelin / 00000000000000003000Population-icon 3,000 Population / / 3x3 Welcome The World!-icon Welcome The World!: Act 2 333.3 Zeppelin


Crown Palace-icon Crown Palace / 00000000000000002500Population-icon 2,500 Population / 5x10 8x8 Complete The Crown Jewel!-icon The Crown Jewel! 39 Taj Mahal

Agra, India

United Nations Center-icon United Nations Center / 00000000000000003000Population-icon 3,000 Population / / 5x5 Build An International City!-icon Build An International City: Act 1 120 United Nations Headquarters New York City, US
CityVille Sphinx-icon CityVille Sphinx / 00000000000000002000Population-icon 2,000 Population / / 4x6 Cairo Vacation 83 Great Sphinx of Giza

Giza, Egypt

File:Gateway to India-icon.png Gateway to India / 00000000000000002500Population-icon 2,500 Population / / 4x6 Mumbai Vacation 104 Gateway of India

Mumbai, India

Large Hadron Collider-icon Large Hadron Collider / 00000000000000003000Population-icon 3,000 Population / / 5x5 Geneva Charter 120 Large Hadron Collider

Geneva, Switzerland

State Senate Building-icon State Senate Building / 00000000000000002000Population-icon 2,000 Population / / 5x5 Build An International City!-icon Build An Internation City!: Act 3 80 ?

Collecting BonusesEdit

100%10× Coins-icon 100 Coins
50%XP-icon 1 XP
50%2XP-icon 2 XP
40%Energy-icon 1 Energy
40%Energy-icon 1 Energy
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
5%Energy-icon 1 Energy

Staff Edit

  • Ticket taker
  • Doorman
  • Tour guide
  • Souvenir
  • Window washer
  • Historical
  • Security guard
  • Assistant
  • General manager
  • Tourist greeter
  • Janitor
  • Front desk

You may choose to fill each position for Cash-icon 5 Cash.

Cost and efficiency Edit

Almost all landmarks cost Coins-icon 2,000,000 Coins, making them (coinwise) some of the most expensive items in the game. They serve the same purpose as community buildings in that they raise a towns population cap. However they generally cost much more to purchase. Despite costing ten more times than an Observatory. You only get 100 extra population limit for a Landmark than for an Observatory. The exceptions to these sets of rules are the Pyramid Skyrise, Leaning Tower, and the Geodesic Rainforest, but, they too, are expensive with the Geodesic Rainforest leading the pack, costing a whopping Coins-icon 5,000,000 Coins.

A player who is looking to advance in the game could save up and buy a landmark, but it would take much longer than it would to simply build some community buildings. Landmarks are mostly for either bragging rights, or a very cool addition. For example, the landmarks allow 2,000 population for a price of 2,000,000 coins. Whereas the Community Pool, the community building with highest population rise, allows the same amount of citizens for only 150,000 coins. Taking this into consideration, landmarks would be more for bragging rights than increasing population. Only one community building gives a bigger population increase; the Toy Factory allowing 3,750. This can be found in your inventory once you reach level 50, or purchased for 1,250,000 coins.

However, Big Ben takes only 3x3 land space making it the most space-efficient method of raising your population cap. Thus, with progressive land cost, the high coin price of a Landmark is less and less relevant with every expansion.

Gallery Edit

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