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Let's Help Others!
Let's Help Others!-icon
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Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 10
Release DateJanuary 5, 2012
DescriptionThere are a lot of young kids out there who would really benefit from your generosity. Let's get to work!
Mission fromSam
Place souvenir shop iconPlace Boys and Girls Center
Buildhousebusiness iconComplete Boys and Girls Center
Hammer-iconAsk for 6 Hammers
(Cash-icon 18 Cash)
ItemUpgrade Boys and Girls Center to Level 2
Goal Completion
DescriptionThe Boys and Girls Center looks great! Let's upgrade it now for free! Click on your Boys and Girls Center to complete the upgrade.
Let's Help Others!-icon Let's Help Others! Help Your Neighbors!-icon Help Your Neighbors!

Let's Help Others! is one of the goals in New Year's Resolutions 2012-icon New Year's Resolutions 2012.

Sam says: "Nothing makes a person feel better than giving back to those who are less fortunate! Let's go make a difference!"

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Let's Help Others!-feed City making a New Year's Resolution to help others!

Player showed they weren't kidding around when the said they'd build the kids a new Boys and Girls Center! They kept their word and the kids are very grateful!