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Reward for:New Mall!-icon New Mall!
Requirements:XP-icon Level 22
Construction:Energy-icon 10 Energy
Floor 1
Initial Capacity:2
Staff Members-icon 2 Staff Members
Upgraded Cap.:4
Business Bonus:Bonus-icon +5% Payout
Floor 2
Materials:Shopping Bags-doober 5x Shopping Bags
Spotlight-doober 5x Spotlight
Building Grant-doober 5x Building Grant
Escalator-doober 5x Escalator
Mannequin-doober 5x Mannequin
Initial Capacity:1
Staff Members-icon 3 Staff Members
Upgraded Cap.:8
Business Bonus:Bonus-icon +10% Payout
Floor 3
Materials:Shopping Bags-doober 10x Shopping Bags
Spotlight-doober 10x Spotlight
Parking Card-doober 10x Parking Card
Escalator-doober 10x Escalator
Mannequin-doober 10x Mannequin
Initial Capacity:0
Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members
Upgraded Cap.:12
Business Bonus:Bonus-icon +15% Payout
Floor 4
Materials:Escalator-doober 15x Escalator
Mannequin-doober 15x Mannequin
Parking Card-doober 15x Parking Card
Shopping Bags-doober 15x Shopping Bags
Spotlight-doober 15x Spotlight
Initial Capacity:0
Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members
Upgraded Cap.:16
Business Bonus:Bonus-icon +20% Payout
Floor 5
Materials:Escalator-doober 20x Escalator
Mannequin-doober 20x Mannequin
Parking Card-doober 20x Parking Card
Shopping Bags-doober 20x Shopping Bags
Spotlight-doober 20x Spotlight
Initial Capacity:0
Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members
Upgraded Cap.:20
Business Bonus:Bonus-icon +25% Payout

The Mall is a 8×4 business storage building available in CityVille. It can be placed for free from the New Mall!-icon New Mall! Goal. Only Mall Decorations will affect this building. Removing the mall will send it back to your inventory.


The Mall can store and produce revenue from up to 20 businesses at once. When a business is placed into the Mall it will lose any supplies/coins that it has at the time. Players can supply the Mall with the amount of goods collectively required by all the businesses currently stored and the amount of energy spent collecting from the mall equals the current amount of businesses in the mall. Depending on what floor the player has upgraded to, the businesses can earn from 5-25% more profit. Once each floor is filled with 4 businesses, there is a 5% chance for a Mystery Business-icon Mystery Business to drop when collecting.

While a business is inside the mall, collecting from the mall will not satisfy the Collect/supply X times requirement for a quest referring to that business. The business must be removed from the mall and collected from independently. Currently, your neighbors' franchises in your city cannot be placed inside your mall.

The Mall, when built, has three icons hovering over it. Each representing its 3 separate functions which are:

  • Supplying goods (Mall Goods needed)
  • Harvesting coins (Mall Goods harvest),
  • Viewing stored businesses (Mall stored businesses), and until complete
  • Upgrade progress (Mall Upgrade required).

Players can switch between the three functions simply by hovering the mouse over the icons, which expands them, and clicking the icon of the function they want, then clicking the Mall to execute it.

Collecting BonusesEdit

Once you fill the first floor with 4 businesses you get a chance that a mystery business will drop when you collect:

5%T-Shirt Shop-doober T-Shirt Shop


See Mall Questline


  • The Mall is the first in CityVille to utilize multiple Icons, and the first building which has more than 2 functions at any one time.
  • The Mall is the first in CityVille where the upgrading items collected through Wall Posts will give you 50 coins, instead of receiving the item back in return.
  • When you remove a business from the mall and replace it with another, the new business does not take the place of the previous one. Instead, it is placed at the last position of that floor.
  • When supplying businesses stored in the Mall, it will only use normal Goods. This is only one of a few businesses that will not use Premium Goods first, or at all, since the change.


  • May 31, 2011: The first Mall was introduced.
  • June 14, 2011: Business Mastery is now integrated into malls. Supplying upgradeable businesses that are inside your mall WILL give you points towards upgrade progress. The Mall is now affected by mall decorations for a payout bonus.
  • June 16, 2011: Implemeted a toaster pop-up to notify players when a friend visited them.
  • July 14, 2011: Levels 4 & 5 added.
  • August 10, 2011: A second Mall is available.


Level 1Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Mall Level 1-SW Mall Level 1-SE

Level 2Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Mall Level 2-SW Mall Level 2-SE

Level 3Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Mall Level 3-SW Mall Level 3-SE

Level 4Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Mall Level 4-SW Mall Level 4-SE

Level 5Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Mall-SW Mall-SE