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Mall Sign-icon Mall-icon Mall-icon Food Court-icon Famous Mall-icon Fashion Center-icon
Fashion Center
Mall Decorations Mall Mall 2 Food Court Famous Mall 1    2    3
Mystery Business-icon Solar Mall 3-icon
Solar Mall
International Shopping Center 3-icon Equality Business Tower-icon Premium Business Mall-icon World Gourmet Center 3-icon
World Gourmet Center
Rewards 1    2    3 International Shopping Center Equality Business Tower Premium Business Mall 1    2    3

Mall Decorations are the only type of decorations that will give payout bonuses to the first Mall, Food Court, Fashion Center and their upgrades. No decorations affect the Second Mall.

Image Decoration Cost Bonus % Size Payout / Land Other Info
Mall Sign-icon Mall Sign / 3 3×1 1 Place from
Mall Improvement!-icon Mall Improvement!
ATM-icon ATM 00000000000000000200Coins-icon 200 Coins 1 1×1 1 Reward from
Mall Improvement!-icon Mall Improvement!
Parking Garage-icon Parking Garage / 20 4×4 1.25 Reward from
Mall Trip!-icon Mall Trip!
Rent-A-Cop-icon Rent-A-Cop 00000000000000000008Cash-icon 8 Cash 2 1×1 2 Reward from
Mall Parking Issue-icon Mall Parking Issue
Sign Spinner-icon Sign Spinner 00000000000000000008Cash-icon 8 Cash 2 1×1 2 Reward from
Mall Security!-icon Mall Security!
Valet Parking-icon Valet Parking / 5 2×2 1.25 Reward from
25px Open A Food Court!