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Mexico Event (2011)
Mexico Event-icon
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Start DateSeptember 13, 2011
End DateSeptember 27, 2011
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The Mexico Event is an Event in CityVille which started on September 13, 2011. During the event, a number of limited edition Mexico themed items were released.

Previously released Taqueria and Taco Truck are also affected with additional payout bonus by the decorations released from this event.


Community Buildings[]

Image Community Building Cost Allows Completion Requirement Other Info
Morelos Fort-icon Morelos Fort Cash-icon 70 Cash Population-icon 2,000 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Fine Arts Theater-icon Fine Arts Theater Cash-icon 80 Cash Population-icon 7,500 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Other Info
Sombrero Store-icon Sombrero Store Coins-icon 6,800 Coins Goods-icon 170 Goods Coins-icon 1,024 Coins Limited Edition Item
House of Churros-icon House of Churros Cash-icon 40 Cash Goods-icon 305 Goods Coins-icon 1,648 Coins Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Cantina-icon Cantina Coins-icon 3,800 Coins Goods-icon 95 Goods Coins-icon 640 Coins Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Garcia House-icon Garcia House Coins-icon 13,500 Coins Population-icon 120-240 Population Coins-icon 18 Coins every 5 Mins Limited Edition Item
Guerrero Residence-icon Guerrero Residence Cash-icon 40 Cash Population-icon 600-1,200 Population Coins-icon 296 Coins every 18 Hours Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Hacienda De Dolores-icon Hacienda De Dolores Cash-icon 65 Cash Population-icon 1,850-3,650 Population Coins-icon 451 Coins every 3.1 Days Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Playa Del Rey Apartments-icon Playa Del Rey Apartments Cash-icon 75 Cash Population-icon 2,350-4,350 Population Coins-icon 451 Coins every 1 Hour Limited Edition Item
Casa del Sol-icon Casa del Sol Cash-icon 90 Cash Population-icon 3,000-5,500 Population Coins-icon 156 Coins every 1 Hour Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Other Info
Mayan Pyramid-icon Mayan Pyramid Coins-icon 72,000 Coins 12% /
Watch Tower-icon Watch Tower Cash-icon 24 Cash 24% Limited Edition Item
Mexican Flag Decoration-icon Mexican Flag Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 1% /
Quince-Anos Party-icon Quince Años Party Cash-icon 12 Cash 12% Limited Edition Item
Statue of Independence-icon Statue of Independence Coins-icon 36,000 Coins 12% Limited Edition Item
Ice Cream Cart-icon Ice Cream Cart Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 3% Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Harvest Time Goods Other Info
Agave Crop-icon Agave Crop Cash-icon 5 Cash Instant Growth! Goods-icon 450 Goods Limited Edition

Mystery Crate[]

Cost: Cash-icon 40 Cash

Mystery Crate Rewards
Mexico Mystery Crate-icon Morelos Fort-icon Hacienda De Dolores-icon Guerrero Residence-icon House of Churros-icon
Mexico Mystery Crate Morelos Fort Hacienda De Dolores Guerrero Residence House of Churros