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Neighborhoods are housing storage available in CityVille. Fully upgraded Neighborhoods can store up to 15 residences at once. The amount of energy spent collecting from a Neighborhood equals the current number of houses stored in the Neighborhood (15 houses equals 15 energy needed). The rent can only be collected when ALL housing in the Neighborhood are ready; for example in the Palm Towers, a Beach Hut is ready for rent collection in 5 minutes but a Coastal House is not ready until 2.1 days, so you can collect from this neighborhood every 2.1 days. This building feature works similarly to the Mall. Collecting from Neighborhoods will count towards home collection quest requirements only for generic houses (it will not count when specific house are required to collect ex collect tot terraced brownstones) .


You'll save space by combining your residences and increase population density at the cost of having to use 15 energy to collect from them.

You can find the new neighborhoods in the Build Menu under the Residences -> Neighborhoods tab. You will be able to see which theme is associated with each neighborhood, as well as how many residences of that type are currently in your city.

Payout Bonuses[]

When collecting rent from neighborhoods, Block 1 gives a 5% payout bonus, Block 2 gives a 10% bonus, and Block 3 gives a 15% bonus. There are also chances for collectibles and Bonus Population trucks to drop.


See also Neighborhood Decorations

Only these neighborhood decorations give additional payout bonuses:


Gated Community-icon Uptown Estates-icon Palm Towers-icon Mansions Estate-icon Francis Woods-icon Family Complex-icon
Gated Community Uptown Estates Palm Towers Mansions Estate Francis Woods Family Complex
15 Family Residences 15 Apartments 15  VacationHomes 15 Mansions 15 Family Residences 15 Family Residences
Harmony Heights-icon Scream Acres-icon Frostdale Ridge-icon Holiday Hills-icon International Neighborhood-icon European District-icon
Harmony Heights Scream Acres Frostdale Ridge Holiday Hills International Neighborhood European District
15 Apartments 15 Halloween
15 Winter Residences,Vacation Homes, Bay Point Duplex 15 Winter Residences 15 International Residences 15 European Residences
Equality District-icon Equality Acres-icon Equality Estates-icon Super Solar Neighborhood-icon Skyscraper Neighborhood-icon Natural Estates-icon
Equality District Equality Acres Equality Estates Super Solar Neighborhood Skyscraper Neighborhood Natural Estates
15 Equality Residences 15 Family Residences 15 Equality Residences 15 Solar Residences 15 Skyscrapers 15 Famous Residences


Family Residences & Apartments[]

Gated Community-icon Gated Community, Francis Woods-icon Francis Woods,
and Family Complex-icon Family Complex
Uptown Estates-icon Uptown Estates and Harmony Heights-icon Harmony Heights
Family Residences
Cozy Cottage-icon Cozy Cottage
Family Townhouse-icon Family Townhouse
Country Home-icon Country Home
Rita's Country Home
Suburban House-icon Suburban House
Spring Bungalow-icon Spring Bungalow
Stylish Contemporary-icon Stylish Contemporary
Ranch House-icon Ranch House
TV Terrace-icon TV Terrace
Colonial Chalet-icon Colonial Chalet
Eco House-icon Eco House
Newlywed House-icon Newlywed House
Fun House 2-icon Fun House
Fitness House-icon Fitness House
Family Home-icon Family Home
Birdie Manor-icon Birdie Manor
Healthy Home-icon Healthy Home
Half-Pipe House-icon Half-Pipe House
Red Card Residence-icon Red Card Residence
London Flat-icon London Flat
Valencia Flat-icon Valencia Flat
Spiffing Terrace-icon Spiffing Terrace
Orange Fachwerk-icon Orange Fachwerk
Provence House-icon Provence House
Pastel Houses-icon Pastel Houses
Family Den-icon Family Den
Modular Modern-icon Modular Modern
No Place Like Dome-icon No Place Like Dome
Family RV-icon Family RV
Grandma's House-icon Grandma's House
Leafy Lodge-icon Leafy Lodge
Cider Manor-icon Cider Manor
Acorn Cottage-icon Acorn Cottage
Hickory House-icon Hickory House
Turkey Fryer Townhouse-icon Turkey Fryer Townhouse
Winchester Manor-icon Winchester Manor
Fall House With Pond-icon Fall House With Pond
Andre's House-icon Andre's House
Cotillard Cottage-icon Cotillard Cottage
Fontenot House-icon Fontenot House
Clouseau Cottage-icon Clouseau Cottage
Kleist Cottage-icon Kleist Cottage
Kaiser House-icon Kaiser House
Huang House-icon Huang House
Woo House-icon Woo House
Chan Cottage-icon Chan Cottage
Ping Palace-icon Ping Palace
Loft Apartments-icon Loft Apartments
Terraced Brownstone-icon Terraced Brownstone
Apartment Complex-icon Apartment Complex
Dordogne Duplex-icon Dordogne Duplex
Milan Apartments-icon Milan Apartments
Upscale Condos-icon Upscale Condos
Midtown Apartments-icon Midtown Apartments
Glass Condos-icon Glass Condos
Atrium Lofts-icon Atrium Lofts
Cubic Modular-icon Cubic Modular
Coastal Rowhouse-icon Coastal Rowhouse
Boulevard Apartment-icon Boulevard Apartment
Galicia Tower-icon Galicia Tower
Aragon Apartments-icon Aragon Apartments
Contemporary Condo-icon Contemporary Condo
Corsican Loft-icon Corsican Loft
Parisian Apartment-icon Parisian Apartment
Oasis Apartments I-icon Oasis Apartments I
Oasis Apartments II-icon Oasis Apartments II
Retirement Complex-icon Retirement Complex
Schroeder House-icon Schroeder House
Garant Apartments-icon Garant Apartments
Fleur de Lys Apartments-icon Fleur de Lys Apartments
Adler Apartments-icon Adler Apartments
Water Apartment-icon Water Apartment

Vacation Homes & Mansions[]

Palm Towers-icon Palm Towers

Vacation Homes
Lake House-icon
Lake House
Family Truckster-icon
Family Truckster
Sunrise Rentals-icon
Sunrise Rentals
Amazon Abode-icon
Amazon Abode
Beach Hut-icon
Beach Hut
Breezy Cabin-icon
Breezy Cabin
Dawn Duplex-icon
Dawn Duplex
Timeshare Tower-icon
Timeshare Tower
Coastal House-icon
Coastal House
Cliff House-icon
Cliff House
Beachfront Condo-icon
Beachfront Condo
Log Cabin-icon
Log Cabin
Aloha Hut-icon
Aloha Hut
Dream Beach Home-icon
Dream Beach Home
Destiny's Calling-icon
Destiny's Calling

Mansions Estate-icon Mansions Estate

Modern Chateau-icon Modern Chateau
Private Estate-icon Private Estate
Tuscan Villa-icon Tuscan Villa
Sprawling Mansion-icon Sprawling Mansion
Parkside Villa-icon Parkside Villa
Alcazar Castle-icon Alcazar Castle
Summer Sprawl-icon Summer Sprawl
Hacienda De Dolores-icon Hacienda De Dolores
Guerrero Residence-icon Guerrero Residence
Casa del Sol-icon Casa del Sol
Garcia House-icon Garcia House
Havering Manor-icon Havering Manor
Monarchal Maisonette-icon Monarchal Maisonette
Scottish Castle-icon Scottish Castle
Bavarian Castle-icon Bavarian Castle
Celebrity House-icon Celebrity House
Movie Star House-icon Movie Star House
Courtyard House-icon Courtyard House
Hacienda-icon Hacienda
Dog Trainer's Mansion-icon Dog Trainer's Mansion
Mint Mansion-icon Mint Mansion
Valor Mansion-icon Valor Mansion
Moliere Manor-icon Moliere Manor
Colbert Castle-icon Colbert Castle
Mueller Mansion-icon Mueller Mansion
Hertzog House-icon Hertzog House
German Manor House-icon German Manor House
Ming Manor-icon Ming Manor
Caldwell Apartments-icon Caldwell Apartments
Italian Castle-icon Italian Castle
Villa Rotonda-icon Villa Rotonda

Halloween & Winter Residences[]

Scream Acres-icon Scream Acres
Halloween Residences
Zombie Safe House-icon
Zombie Safe House
Zombie Hideout-icon
Zombie Hideout
Halloween Townhouse-icon
Halloween Townhouse
Swamp Shanty-icon
Swamp Shanty
Walking Dead Walk Up-icon
Walking Dead Walk Up
Spooky House-icon
Spooky House
Bloodcurdling Brownstone-icon
Bloodcurdling Brownstone
Poltergeist House-icon
Poltergeist House
Creepy Country Cottage-icon
Creepy Country Cottage
Ominous Estate-icon
Ominous Estate
Fairy Ponderosa-icon
Fairy Ponderosa
Zombie Condo-icon
Zombie Condo
Dead Man Cave-icon
Dead Man Cave
Troll Tree House-icon
Troll Tree House
Frankenstein's Lab-icon
Frankenstein's Lab
Atrocious Apartments-icon
Atrocious Apartments
Witch Rickety House-icon
Witch Rickety House
Crypt Keepers Crib-icon
Crypt Keepers Crib
Forsaken Fortress-icon
Forsaken Fortress
Swamp Shack-icon
Swamp Shack
Dracula's Castle-icon
Dracula's Castle
Zombie Frat House-icon
Zombie Frat House
Wood Nymph Cottage-icon
Wood Nymph Cottage
Pixy Palace-icon
Pixy Palace
Haunted Cottage-icon
Haunted Cottage
Spooky Condos-icon
Spooky Condos
Massacre Mansion-icon
Massacre Mansion
Pumpkin Palace-icon
Pumpkin Palace
Goblin House-icon
Goblin House
Pranked House-icon
Pranked House
Halloween Party House-icon
Halloween Party House
Treacherous Trailer-icon
Treacherous Trailer
Warlock House-icon
Warlock House
Frostdale Ridge-icon Frostdale Ridge and Holiday Hills-icon Holiday Hills
Winter Residences
Bedford Manor-icon
Bedford Manor
Billingsley House-icon
Billingsley House
Blue Elf House-icon
Blue Elf House
Blue Holiday House-icon
Blue Holiday House
Candle Cottage-icon
Candle Cottage
Clement Mansion-icon
Clement Mansion
Cookie Condos-icon
Cookie Condos
Crosby Cabin-icon
Crosby Cabin
Donner Duplex-icon
Donner Duplex
Duplex House-icon
Duplex House
Elf Abode-icon
Elf Abode
Elf Hut-icon
Elf Hut
Elf Polka Dot House-icon
Elf Polka Dot House
Ginger Tower-icon
Ginger Tower
Gingerbread House-icon
Gingerbread House
Holiday Castle-icon
Holiday Castle
Holiday Manor-icon
Holiday Manor
Holiday Manor 2-icon
Holiday Manor
Holiday Mansion-icon
Holiday Mansion
Holly Wreath House-icon
Holly Wreath House
Ice Tray Estates-icon
Ice Tray Estates
Icicle Estates-icon
Icicle Estates
Jolly Apartments-icon
Jolly Apartments
Kringle Cottage-icon
Kringle Cottage
McCallister House-icon
McCallister House
Mistletoe Manor-icon
Mistletoe Manor
Plow Palace-icon
Plow Palace
Premium Winter Castle-icon
Premium Winter Castle
Shivering Shack-icon
Shivering Shack
Snowy Brownstone-icon
Snowy Brownstone
Sugar Plum Palace-icon
Sugar Plum Palace
Winter Castle-icon
Winter Castle