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Neighbors are people such as acquaintances or friends that you add to help you in playing CityVille. Some aspects of gameplay are only available to people with a certain amount of neighbors. You can also visit your neighbors to get bonus energy, coins and experience (XP). Another key quality of neighbors is they assist you in expanding your town and allow you to get shipments from the train. They are also necessary for you to develop your franchises.


First Time Visiting a New Neighbor[]

Neighbor toolbar

The Neighbor Toolbar.


When visiting a brand new neighbor for the first time, you will receive a bonus of 300 coins, 5 energy, and 15 experience (XP). You will also get 5 "help actions" (lightning bolts along left side of the screen), which are the equivalent of 5 energy points - but you can only spend them on your neighbor's lot.

Visiting Existing Neighbor[]

The visiting bonuses run on a 23 hour clock. That means, 23 hours after you have visited a neighbor, you will get a new bonus set and 5 help actions. This bonus is 50 coins, 1 energy, and 1 experience (XP) and is limited to a maximum of 36 sets per 23 hour period.

You can visit a neighbor twice during the 23 hour period and gain 5 "help actions" on both occasions, but you will only get the bonus once for that time period. You can revisit a neighbor after 12 hours and do 5 more helps. The number of bonuses you can get from neighbor visits also depends on your total reputation, so if your reputation is lower than the number of neighbors you have you will run out of bonuses before you will run out of neighbors to visit.

Adding New Neighbors[]

There are a number of different ways to add neighbors. You can click one of two tabs on the bar that runs across the top of the screen: "My neighbors" allows you to add new neighbors who play CityVille or "Invite Friends" allows you to send invitations to friends from your Facebook friends list who do not currently play the game.

As neighbors are crucial to succeed in the game, some people like to accept friend invites from people they don't know in real life for the sole purpose of becoming neighbors in CityVille. They do this by visiting CityVille forums or the CityVille Facebook fan page and actively seeking other people who play the game.

Goals requiring Neighbors[]

Scout Businesses[]

This is one of thegoals set by Edgar in his mission to inform the player about businesses. He requires them to visit neighbors' cities and send 10 Tour Buses to their business buildings. The reward is XP-icon 1 XP.

Scout Train Routes![]

Send Trains!-icon

This is one of the goals set by Conductor Charlie as he introduces players to thetrain system. It requires the player to visit 5 Neighbors cities. The reward is Goods-icon 50 Goods.