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Announce NYE bundles 2011

New Year Sale!
Exclusive New Year Items and Bundles on sale. Check out the New Year Fireworks and other surprises in the store!

The New Year Sale (2012)-icon New Year Sale (2012) is a sale event that started on January 4, 2012. During this sale, players could save up to 50% off select items.

Items from the New Year Event (2012) were on sale.

Some old favorites from the Welcome to San Francisco Event were brought back for a limited time.


Community Buildings[]

Image Item Original Cost Sale Cost Save
Winter Road Center-icon Winter Road Center Cash-icon 65 Cash Cash-icon 46 Cash 30%
Snowboard Course-icon Snowboard Course Cash-icon 70 Cash Cash-icon 49 Cash 30%


Image Item Original Cost Sale Cost Save
High End Clothing Shop-icon High End Clothing Shop Cash-icon 64 Cash Cash-icon 45 Cash 30%
Late Night Snack Shop-icon Late Night Snack Shop Coins-icon 20,000 Coins Coins-icon 14,000 Coins 30%
Cable Car Restaurant-icon Cable Car Restaurant Cash-icon 40 Cash Cash-icon 36 Cash 10%


Image Item Original Cost Sale Cost Save
Palatial Palace-icon Palatial Palace Cash-icon 50 Cash Cash-icon 35 Cash 30%
Shiny Chateau-icon Shiny Chateau Cash-icon 45 Cash Cash-icon 32 Cash 30%
Metallic Mansion-icon Metallic Mansion Cash-icon 80 Cash Cash-icon 56 Cash 30%
Space Age Cottage-icon Space Age Cottage Coins-icon 55,000 Coins Coins-icon 38,500 Coins 30%
High Tech House-icon High Tech House Coins-icon 95,000 Coins Coins-icon 66,500 Coins 30%


Image Item Original Cost Sale Cost Save
2012 Fireworks-icon 2012 Fireworks Cash-icon 100 Cash Cash-icon 70 Cash 30%
2012 Sculpture-icon 2012 Sculpture Cash-icon 11 Cash Cash-icon 7 Cash 37%
Partygoers-icon Partygoers Cash-icon 27 Cash Cash-icon 17 Cash 40%
Romantic Resolution-icon Romantic Resolution Coins-icon 10,000 Coins Coins-icon 7000 Coins 30%
Coit Tower-icon Coit Tower Cash-icon 25 Cash Cash-icon 20 Cash 20%
Union Square-icon Union Square Cash-icon 36 Cash Cash-icon 33 Cash 10%
Lambert Street-icon Lambert Street Cash-icon 42 Cash Cash-icon 38 Cash 10%


Image Item Original Cost Sale Cost Save Goods
Chili Peppers-icon Chili Peppers Cash-icon 2 Cash Cash-icon 1 Cash 50% Goods-icon 180 Goods

Themed Bundles[]

For more Themed Bundles

Image Name Cost Items
NY Expansion Bundle-icon NY Expansion Bundle Cash-icon 200 Cash
Royal Residences 1-icon Royal Residences 1 Cash-icon 160 Cash
Royal Expansion Bundle-icon Royal Expansion Bundle Cash-icon 100 Cash