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Night Owl Nick
Night owl nick
Night-Owl Captured

Night Owl Nick is one of the bandits in CityVille added with the expansion of the police station.


"The nighttime is the right time to steal. No matter how hard the cops try to catch me, they're always in the dark."


To capture a bandit, first collect rent from any of your businesses. When collecting rent from a business, you have a 20% chance of having a bandit appear. This bandit requires 3 officers on patrol. He will appear in your city near the business they robbed and walk around the same way the citizens appear except they also have a small box over their head. Click this box to capture them.


Icon Wall Post
Night-Owl Reward "It was lights out for Nick's stealing career when he was caught by [Name] and Officer [Name] in [Name] Town. Celebrate the capture with a donut!"


Capturing Night Owl Nick will reward you with Red Gems valued at 700 coins. Clicking these red gems will not increase your bonus meter.