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October 2011: release notes of additions/improvements and fixes in CityVille of this month.

October 02[]

CityVille Update: October 2nd 2011

October 03[]

CityVille Update: October 3rd 2011

October 04[]

CityVille Update: October 4th 2011

October 05[]

CityVille Update: October 5th 2011

October 06[]

CityVille Update: October 6th 2011
  • Sneak peek! at Halloween in CityVille.
  • Added second questline of Run For Governor-icon Run For Governor Goals: Support the Students!
  • Adjusted the following feed rewards to "Give One, Get One". These include feeds for Casino, Family Fun quest (Gov Run Act 1, Goal 3), Nature Enthusiasts (Gov Run Act 2, Quest 1), The Ferris Wheel - Carriage Buildable Part.
  • Introduced the option to "Fill All" Crew Members for a building for a discounted price. Note: this feature is gradually rolling out to more players.
  • Added the Executive Driving Range, Tonga Tower, and Automation to the Buildable Sale.
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the Song Bird Pet Shop OOS issue.
    • Fixed the OOS issue after completing Double Your Payouts!-icon Double Your Payouts! Goal and placing the Solar Panel decoration.
    • Introduced a resolution for the Level 3 Clerk's Office not counting towards the Clerk's Office goal.
    • Pushed a fix for specific crops not counting towards the Block Party!-icon Block Party! goal. Crops include: Pineapples, Sugar Cane, Green Grapes, Alfalfa, and Blackberries.

October 07[]

CityVille Update: October 7th 2011

October 09[]

CityVille Update: October 9th 2011

October 10[]

CityVille Update: October 10th 2011

October 11[]

CityVille Update: October 11th 2011

October 12[]

CityVille Update: October 12th 2011

October 14[]

CityVille Update: October 14th 2011

October 16[]

CityVille Update: October 16th 2011

October 17[]

CityVille Update: October 17th 2011

October 18[]

CityVille Update: October 18th 2011

October 19[]

CityVille Update: October 19th 2011
  • "Back To School" Goals Leaving Soon:
Too Cool For School-icon Too Cool For SchoolShow & Tell-icon Show & TellStudy Hall Of Fame-icon Study Hall Of FamePlaying Hooky-icon Playing Hooky

October 20[]

CityVille Update: October 20th 2011
  • New Timed Goal: Up For Auction!-icon Up For Auction! for XP-icon Level 50+
  • Implemented Neighborhoods into the Doggie Rescue Center Feature. Players will now be able to catch dogs from neighborhoods.
  • Extended McDonald’s® promotion.
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the issue where the Halloween-styled goods bar extended passed the visible range, making it impossible to interact with anything in that area.

October 21[]

CityVille Update: October 21st 2011

October 23[]

CityVille Update: October 23rd 2011

October 24[]

CityVille Update: October 24th 2011

October 25[]

CityVille Update: October 25th 2011

October 26[]

CityVille Update: October 26th 2011

October 27[]

CityVille Update: October 27th 2011
File:Raise The Stakes-icon.png Raise The StakesFile:One Track Mind-icon.png One Track MindFile:Crowd Control-icon.png Crowd ControlGrowing Pains-icon Growing Pains
File:Monster Mash!-icon.png Monster Mash!File:Nocturnal Neighbors-icon.png Nocturnal NeighborsFile:Tricks Of The Trade-icon.png Tricks Of The Trade
  • Implemented the Halloween Carnival: Trick or Treat House-icon Trick or Treat House. Players are now able to redeem their candy for exclusive buildings and decorations.
  • Added Monsters walking around your City.
  • Bastille Day Goals Leaving Soon:
Vive La France!-icon Vive La France!File:Bon Appetit!-icon.png Bon Appetit!File:Fireworks Du Jour-icon.png Fireworks Du Jour

October 28[]

CityVille Update: October 28th 2011
  • Turned on the Expansion Packs in the Build Menu.
  • Adjusted the Monster Dentist Goal. The first task now asks you to place this building and the third task has been removed. Players that begin this goal will have this building appear in their inventory.
  • More Halloween Content added to Build Menu.
  • Fixes:
    • Harvesting City Hall 3 was not counting towards the Gov Run Salvador Goal. Players should now be able to collect from a Level 3 City Hall to have it count towards this goal.
    • Resolved the Quest Icons not appearing issue.

October 29[]

CityVille Update: October 29th 2011

October 30[]

CityVille Update: October 30th 2011

October 31[]

CityVille Update: October 31st 2011
  • Twirls and Tiptoes Goals Leaving Soon:
Dance In The City!-icon Dance In The City!File:Fine Arts Theatre (goal)-icon.png Fine Arts Theatre (goal)Find Lost Luggage!-icon Find Lost Luggage!Ballet To Stay!-icon Ballet To Stay!