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Passenger Planes run routes from the Airport and trade goods for tourists and coins. All planes take Energy-icon 2 Energy to unload.

Each time you send passenger planes out, you must choose a destination. Repeatedly collecting from the same route gives you mastery levels. Getting to 3 stars on a route will give you a reward item. Refer to the chart for route and reward information.

Neighbor's passenger planes can be sped up, by clicking on the orange cone when a plane that is currently on a trip, and you can collect from full planes. This started with a goal in That's the Ticket!-icon That's the Ticket! You can also place Hearts on any plane or orange cone to ask for help.

According to Zynga's Board all planes may now be stored in the Warehouse.

Based on players' experience as posted in this thread, neighbors now can help with both passenger and cargo planes, they can speed them up and harvest them, counting towards mastery and un-withering is under investigation but comments say it counts towards mastery


All Passenger Airplanes require the player to be at or above XP-icon Level 30 with the Passenger Terminal-icon Passenger Terminal built to Level 1.

Image Name Cost Coin & Tourist Bonus
CityVille Air-icon CityVille Air Reward:
Roman Holiday-icon Roman Holiday
Econair Passenger-icon Econair Passenger Coins-icon 100,000 Coins 0%
First Class Passenger-icon First Class Passenger Cash-icon 50 Cash 20%
Jetair Passenger-icon Jetair Passenger Reward:
Welcome The World!-icon Welcome The World!: Act 3
Jetset Passenger-icon Jetset Passenger Coins-icon 500,000 Coins 5%

Flight Destinations[]

Image Route Cost Payout Tourists Flight Time Luggage Loss Time Full Mastery Reward
Berlin Airlines-icon Berlin Airlines Goods-icon 400 Goods Coins-icon 3,440 Coins 30 8 hours Never Berlin Wildlife Park-icon Berlin Wildlife Park
London Airlines-icon London Airlines Goods-icon 1,200 Goods Coins-icon 7,800 Coins 80 18 hours Never Guest DJ-icon Guest DJ
New York Airlines-icon New York Airlines Goods-icon 300 Goods Coins-icon 2,640 Coins 25 6 hours Never New York City Center-icon New York City Center
Rio Airlines-icon Rio Airlines Goods-icon 600 Goods Coins-icon 4,500 Coins 40 12 hours Never Rio Theatre-icon Rio Theatre
Rome Airlines-icon Rome Airlines Goods-icon 25 Goods Coins-icon 275 Coins 15 1 minute Never Roman Chariot Motor Co.-icon Roman Chariot Motor Co.
Sydney Airlines-icon Sydney Airlines Goods-icon 1,600 Goods Coins-icon 8,500 Coins 120 24 hours Never Most Valuable Palace-icon Most Valuable Palace
Toronto Airlines-icon Toronto Airlines Goods-icon 100 Goods Coins-icon 950 Coins 20 1 hour Never Toronto Tower-icon Toronto Tower

Passenger Jet States[]

Empty Loaded Spoiled
CityVille Air-SW CityVille Air-harvest CityVille Air-withered