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Pier 2
Pier 2-icon
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Stores:Goods-icon 1,500 Goods
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The Pier 2 is an upgrade of the Pier storage building. It is 4x4 and stores Goods-icon 1,500 Goods. This upgrade looks identical to the previous one. However, this version has an 8x2 dock, and thus allows more Boats.

At this level, the Freighter is unlocked and is able to be placed on the pier.

An update on July 10, 2012 made it possible to store piers.


Upgrade Pier Now!: Cash-icon 180 Cash to skip

Have Level 2 Pier Materials[]

To complete the Pier 2, the following materials are needed:

Other Requirements[]

  • Have 2 Freighters Have 6 Ships*.
  • Unload Freighter Harvest 15 Ships* on this Pier.

*Ships include: any Boat, Dragon Boat, or Brazilian Barge.