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This item is given by the Goods Factory, the Fish Factory on Cod Cove Island, the Packaging Plant and the Trucking Depot (in Downtown). They can also be harvested from Premium Crops when you build the Farmer's Market or Eternal Spring Greenhouse.

Premium Goods works as normal goods but increase the payout received by 10% for the premium goods. Premium Goods are used automatically when clicking on Business, but only after you've used up all regular goods. Decoration bonuses and the bonus payout do stack, so if you have a 15% bonus payout from decorations, the result from using only Premium Goods will be a 26.5% bonus payout. However, the bonuses are added one after the other ((payout + 10%) + 15%) instead of combining the bonuses and then adding them to the payout.(payout + (10% + 15%)).

Factory produced Premium Goods don't expire as time passes (they won't "wither" or need to be salvaged). Trucks and Premium Crops can wither.

Selling goods from the train platform does not comsume premium goods.

Premium Goods require different storage than normal goods. Places that create them Premium Goods will also store them. To get even more space you need to buy buildings like the ones listed in Downtown Storage.

Due to recent changes by Zynga, all businesses will use Premium Goods first, then regular Goods.

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