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Presents (Christmas 2011)-viral
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Type:Wall Post
Reset Time:4 Hours
Expiration Time:24 Hours
Host Reward:Present holiday red   Presents
(Max: 5)
Help Reward:Present holiday red   Presents
(Max: 5)

Presents are consumable items. They are collected and held in Santa's Workshop during the Holiday Event (2011). You can open them on Christmas Day to see what prizes you are rewarded.

Santa's Workshop notes: Collect presents to open on Christmas day. Chance to win 10 limited edition items including 3 rare ones!

You can collect Presents by clicking on neighbors' wall posts, posting your own requests from your Santa's Workshop, gifting & receiving via the Free Gifts Menu, or buying them with city cash.


Collecting them is needed to complete the goals:

Opening them is required to complete the Happy Holidays!-icon Happy Holidays! Goal.

Present Opened-icon Limited Edition Prizes[]

The following chart displays the 10 Limited Edition items you can win from opening presents.

You can also win coins, goods, XP, and Zoning Permits. See Santa's Workshop-icon Santa's Workshop for more information.

Image Name Type Rarity
Yeti-icon Yeti Decoration Common
File:Park Bench with Planters-icon.png Park Bench with Planters Decoration Common
Majestic Oak-icon Majestic Oak Decoration Common
Slot Car Shop-icon Slot Car Shop Business Common
Snowmobile Mart-icon Snowmobile Mart Business Common
Donner Duplex-icon Donner Duplex Housing Common
Billingsley House-icon Billingsley House Housing Common
Black Diamond Slope-icon Black Diamond Slope Decoration Rare
Silicon Central-icon Silicon Central Business Rare
Clement Mansion-icon Clement Mansion Housing Rare