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The Rare Train Collection is a Collection in CityVille that contains items which can be acquired by clicking on your Friends' wall post that asks for help with the stops, when they send Trains. Turning in this collection for the first time gives a permanent +10% Train payout. Subsequent turn-ins of this collection gives you 150 goods.

There is also a chance of acquiring these collectibles by putting them on your wishlist and either opening a Mystery Gift or clicking a neighbor's train wall post.

The +10% Train Payout is applied only when friends respond to your requests for train stops and does not increase the minimum number of goods by ten percent.

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Conductors watch First class dinner Train ticket Train schedule Train whistle Coin3-icon Goods-icon
Conductor's Watch First Class Dinner Train Ticket Train Schedule Train Whistle +10% Train Payout Goods-icon 150 Goods