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Ready To Party!
Ready To Party!-icon
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Goal Information
DescriptionYou're doing a swell job of getting your Cinco De Mayo party in gear. Just a few more things to do! Arrange for the band, decorations and food!
HintsYou should be able to find the Mariachi Band in your inventory! Stop by my city for a Taqueria visit or two!
Mission fromSam
Mariachi Band-iconHave a Mariachi Band in your City
(Cash-icon 20 Cash)
Mexican Flag-iconHave 3 Mexican Flag Poles
(Cash-icon 20 Cash)
Mexican Restaurant-iconSend 3 Tour Buses to Neighbors Taqueria Restaurants
(Cash-icon 20 Cash)
ItemUnlocks Taco Truck
Cinco De Mayo!-icon Cinco De Mayo! Ready To Party!-icon Ready To Party!

This Goal Has Been Removed as of September 7, 2011.


Mariachi Band-icon

Have a Mariachi Band in your City

Mexican Flag-icon

Have 3 Mexican Street Flag

Mexican Restaurant-icon

Send 3 Tour Buses to Neighbors Mexican Taqueria Restaurants