Rent Collector
Rent Collector-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:Life In The Fast Lane-icon Life In The Fast Lane
Construction:Energy-icon 5 Energy
Completion:Staff Members-icon 2 Staff Members

The Rent Collector is a 3x3 sized structure and feature in Cityville that let's you auto-collect rent from multiple residences. It takes 5 energy and 2 staff members to complete. You need Gas1 1 gas and Energy-icon 1 energy to collect from each residence.

Using Auto CollectEdit

To activate this feature, select the Rent Collector structure or go to the Tools menu. Click on a group of residences to auto collect rent, within the 12 x 12 green box and the selected residences will be highlighted in orange.

Coming SoonEdit

Armored Truck and Supply Truck Which can collect and supply Businesses Buildings.

Get More GasEdit

Wall PostEdit

You can post on your wall or stream to ask friends for gas and receive gas by clicking on friends' posts.

Get Gas-feed Player is running on empty!

Player's autocollecting trucks need a fill up! Help them out and get some gas for yourself!

Buy with City CashEdit

You can also buy gas with City Cash.

Gas Cost
Gas1 +10 Cash-icon 5 Cash
Gas2 +24 Cash-icon 10 Cash
Gas3 +60 Cash-icon 20 Cash


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