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Rent Collector
Rent Collector-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:Life In The Fast Lane-icon Life In The Fast Lane
Construction:Energy-icon 5 Energy
Completion:Staff Members-icon 2 Staff Members

The Rent Collector is a 3x3 sized structure and feature in Cityville that let's you auto-collect rent from multiple residences. It takes 5 energy and 2 staff members to complete. You need Gas1 1 gas and Energy-icon 1 energy to collect from each residence.

Using Auto Collect[]

To activate this feature, select the Rent Collector structure or go to the Tools menu. Click on a group of residences to auto collect rent, within the 12 x 12 green box and the selected residences will be highlighted in orange.

Coming Soon[]

Armored Truck and Supply Truck Which can collect and supply Businesses Buildings.

Get More Gas[]

Wall Post[]

You can post on your wall or stream to ask friends for gas and receive gas by clicking on friends' posts.

Get Gas-feed Player is running on empty!

Player's autocollecting trucks need a fill up! Help them out and get some gas for yourself!

Buy with City Cash[]

You can also buy gas with City Cash.

Gas Cost
Gas1 +10 Cash-icon 5 Cash
Gas2 +24 Cash-icon 10 Cash
Gas3 +60 Cash-icon 20 Cash