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Retail Event 2011
Retail Event-icon
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Start Date23rd February, 2011
Events Timeline
Valentine's Day (2011) Retail Event (2011) Happily Ever After (2011)

The Retail Event is an Event on CityVille which started on 23rd February, 2011. During the event, a number of retail themed items and goals were released.

Note: The Retail goals are available for players in XP-icon Level 17 or more.


Edgar & Ruth Dine!-icon Edgar & Ruth Dine! Suitable for Edgar-icon Suitable for Edgar Out of Town Birds!-icon Out of Town Birds!
Department Store
Energy-icon 3 Energy
TV Terrace
Department Store-icon Energy-icon TV Terrace-icon


Community Buildings

Image Community Building Cost Allows Completion Requirement Other Info
Television Tower-icon Television Tower Coins-icon 12,000 Coins Population-icon 350 Population Staff Members-icon 7 Staff Members XP-icon Level 17 /


Image Name Cost Suply Payout Other Info
Department Store-icon Department Store Coins-icon 8,000 Coins Goods-icon 135 Goods Coins-icon 588 Coins Unlocked with:
Edgar & Ruth Dine!-icon Edgar & Ruth Dine!
City Supermarket-icon City Supermarket Coins-icon 5,750 Coins Goods-icon 130 Goods Coins-icon 569 Coins Requirement:
Population-icon 1250 Population
Tofu Burger-icon Tofu Burger Coins-icon 5,000 Coins Goods-icon 115 Goods Coins-icon 507 Coins Requirement:
Population-icon 1100 Population


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
TV Terrace-icon TV Terrace Coins-icon 10,500 Coins 190 - 350 Coins-icon 11 Coins / 5 Minutes Unlocked with:
Out of Town Birds!-icon Out of Town Birds!


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Other Info
Happy Shoppers-icon Happy Shoppers Cash-icon 25 Cash 18% /
Bounce Castle-icon Bounce Castle Cash-icon 30 Cash 18% /
Rocket Babysitter-icon Rocket Babysitter Coins-icon 200 Coins 1% /
Racing Ride-icon Racing Ride Free Gift 1% /
Street Clock-icon Street Clock Free Gift 1% /
Parking Lot1-icon Parking Lot Coins-icon 10 Coins / Functions as a sidewalk
Parking Lot2-icon Parking Lot Free Gift / Functions as a sidewalk


Retail Collection Collect rent from Tofu Burger, Department Store and City Supermarket

Collectibles Trade-in Reward
Cash Register-icon Coupons-icon Price Tagger-icon Shopping Bag-icon Shopping Cart-icon Energy-icon Goods2-icon
Cash Register Coupons Price Tagger Premium Shopping Shopping Cart Energy-icon 3 Energy Goods-icon 25 Goods