Sailboat Hotel
Sailboat Hotel-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward for:Hoist Your Sail!-icon Hoist Your Sail!
Cost:Coins-icon 0 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 0 Energy
Completion:Toiletries-icon 7× Toiletries
Fish Fountain-icon 7× Fish Fountain
Welcome Treats-viral 7× Welcome Treats
Bubble Keycard-viral 7× Bubble Keycard
Chandelier-viral 7× Chandelier
  • Upgrade one Summer Business to Level 2
  • Master one Summer Crop to Level 2
Supply Hotel
Supply:Goods-icon 600 Goods
Guest Fill Cost:Cash-icon 120 Cash
Max Floors:3
VIP Floor
Upgrade Cash:Cash-icon 20 Cash
Guest Bonus:Bonus-icon +25% Payout
Floor 1
Guest Bonus:Bonus-icon +5% Payout
Floor 2
Upgrade Cost:Coins-icon 1500 Coins
Guest Bonus:Bonus-icon +10% Payout
Guest Bonus:5
Resort Upgrade
Requirements:*Place 3 businesses near Hotel.
*Harvest Hotel 10 times.
MaterialsToiletries-icon 5× Toiletries
Marble-viral 5× Marble
Beach Towel-viral 8× Beach Towel
Luggage Cart-icon 8× Luggage Cart
Upgrade CashCash-icon 250 Cash
Sailboat Hotel-icon Sailboat Hotel Sailboat Hotel 2-icon Sailboat Hotel 2
Sailboat Hotel Scaffolding
Sailboat Hotel Unblocked

The Sailboat Hotel is a Hotel in CityVille. You receive it from the Hoist Your Sail!-icon Hoist Your Sail! goal, which appears if you are XP-icon Level 30 or over. Supplying it consumes 600 goods. Collecting from it earns 2,928 coins, which gives it an efficiency of 4.88 coins per good. It is one of the three hotels required to unlock the Eiffel Tower Wonder..

The Sailboat Hotel resembles the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Removal will place this in your inventory. You will have to recollect all the items and rebuild it when you place it back in your city.


See also: Build The Eiffel Tower Wonder!

Get materials finish hotel MaterialsEdit

Toiletries-icon 7× Toiletries
Fish Fountain-viral 7× Fish Fountain
Welcome Treats-viral 7× Welcome Treats
Bubble Keycard-viral 7× Bubble Keycard
Chandelier-viral 7× Chandelier

Cash-icon 238 Cash to buy all

Summer business star level2 icon Upgrade Summer BusinessEdit

Upgrade one Summer Business (Ice Cream Parlor, Bike Shop or Sunglasses Store) to Level 2

  • Requires 50 Harvests
  • Tip: Ice Cream Parlor needs the least supplies (70 goods)
  • Note: You may need to refresh (exit and re-enter) game session after upgrading.

Cash-icon 80 Cash to skip

Crop mastery level2 icon Master Summer CropEdit

Master one Summer Crop (Corn, Eggplant or Watermelon) to Level 2

  • Requires 50 Harvests
  • Tip: Eggplant takes the quickest time to grow (1 hour)

Cash-icon 120 Cash to skip

Rewards on CollectingEdit

100%Coins-icon 2928 Coins
85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy

VIP Floor RewardsEdit

20%XP-icon 50 XP
15%Goods-icon 500 Goods
10%Photo Booth 2-icon Photo Booth
10%Arcade-icon Arcade
15%Spa-icon Spa
10%Glass Blowing Shop-icon Glass Blowing Shop
10%Waterfront Suites-icon Waterfront Suites
10%Mud Bath-icon Mud Bath

Floor 2 RewardsEdit

35%XP-icon 5 XP
30%Goods-icon 30 Goods
10%XP-icon 15 XP
5%Goods-icon 45 Goods
10%Coconut Tree 2-icon Coconut Tree
5%Hammock-icon Hammock
5%Photo Booth 2-icon Photo Booth


The payout can´t be increased by normal decorations it can only be increased by some decorations like Badminton or Table_Tennis