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Samantha (also known as Sam) is a non-playable character who serves as the game's beginning guide. She is responsible for giving various goals that help players progress throughout the game. She also counts as a neighbour and players can visit her city, called Samantha's City (previously City Sam), and has level 20 in both experience and reputation, but there are some buildings in her city which require a higher level.

Samantha's Story[]

Samantha helps the player to learn more about their city by encouraging them to investigate the city's "rich history". She also helps by sharing her advice and experiences as a mayor, giving hints such as: "All Mayors are good with money! Fuel your vote!"

Samantha's City[]

Samantha's City is exactly the same as any neighbor's city. She seems to have one of every different type of housing, businesses and Community Buildings . She has decorations, crops and CityVille cash items. She also has a lot of wild trees still present in her city. Samantha also has the Fast Food Chicken business in her city, even though the business has not been released yet.

Samantha's City reacts to the player just as a normal neighbor's city would. Players have exactly the same amount of help actions available to them, and get the same energy, experience and reputation bonuses they would get visiting a real neighbor. The only difference is that, as Samantha is not a real person, the player can be more selfish when deciding which help actions to provide.

One unique point about Samantha's City is that there were three withered crops of strawberries. As strawberries can't wither, this is quite unusual. Now these crops have changed to three withered tomatoes, which can wither normally unlike the strawberries. At the moment the crops have change to 3 withered alfalfa.

Samantha (Winter)-icon

During the seasonal goal Let It Snow!-icon Let It Snow!", Samantha's City became a "Winter Wonderland" until April 6th, 2011, when all snow in cities melted. Late April 2011, Samantha's city changed significantly, she now has many more expensive houses/businesses and her city overall looks more vibrant.

Build Franchises[]

Build Franchises-icon Build Franchises is a goal which requires the player to expand a franchise into Samantha's City. There is an Empty Lot which players will be prompted to use, by Edgar, to create their first franchise. At this point of the game, they will usually only have a small number of businesses to choose from. This can be problematic to some players who, upon reaching a higher level, discover that they are stuck with the franchise they created at a low level, as there is no current method of deleting a franchised business from her city. Therefore, players should make this decision carefully.

Open House Feature[]

Open House

Visit Samantha's City to view and purchase special items!

On 1st November 2011 new feature is added on Samantha's City.In which you can toggle purchasing mode and buy items from her city.The main advantage of this feature is you can see items fully constructed and decide to buy your beloved item with city Cash or Coins.

To activate this feature on her city you have to click Open House Pick on your left-hand side of your screen.When in purchasing mode you will see the magnifying glass icon Open House Pick above every item available for purchase from Samantha's City.Click on building you wish to buy once purchased it will go to your Inventory.Once you have finished purchasing items,If you want to do the usual 5 visiting actions; such as collecting rent, sending tour buses, etc click again on magnifying glass icon Open House Pick to toggle back to regular mode.

This items only include themed items released during the events and change as new event releases.

You have to be XP-icon Level 10+ to use this feature.


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