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If you find yourself with more than one of the same building or if you find you have no use for the building, it might be more convenient for you to sell that building unbuilt and not waste valuable energy constructing it. It will also help you make more space in your inventory.

Below will be a list of buildable structures, their built coin value and their unbuilt coin value.


Name Unbuilt Sell Value Size Population-icon Min-Max Population Rent Reward from
File:Igloo Res-icon.png
00000000000001250000Coins-icon 1,250,000 Coins 3x3 00000000000000000800Population-icon 800-1600 00000000000000000580Coins-icon 580 Coins every Day Capture The Yeti bandit (before Police Lvl 7)


Name Unbuilt Sell Value Size Goods Earnings Reward from
Glass Blowing Shop-icon
Glass Blowing Shop
00000000000000400000Coins-icon 400,000 Coins 3x3 Goods-icon 340 Goods 00000000000000001804Coins-icon 1804 Coins Sailboat Hotel VIP

Sample of 10 Housing and Business Items- Cityville Wikia


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