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This is a list of what all buildings looked like when had you activated the Snow Top feature on your city. When you removed the feature, the buildings went back to their regular state.


Bakery snow-icon
Flower Kiosk snow
Flower Kiosk
Coffee Shop snow-icon
Coffee Shop
Toy Store snow
Toy Store
Burger Joint snow-icon.png
Burger Joint
Video Game Store snow
Video Game Store
Diner snow
Cosmetic Store snow
Cosmetic Store
Pool Hall snow
Pool Hall
Bike Shop snow-icon
Bike Shop
Bookstore snow-icon.png
Packing Store snow
Packing Store
Winter Clothing snow
Seasonal Clothing
Cocoa Shop snow-icon
Hot Cocoa Shop
Shoe Store snow
Shoe Store
French Rest snow
French Restaurant
Laundromat snow
Tofu Burger snow-icon
Tofu Burger
Sunglasses Store snow
Sunglasses Store
Department Store snow
Department Store
City Supermarket snow
City Supermarket
Italian Rest snow
Italian Restaurant
Appliances Store snow-icon
Appliances Store
Seafood Rest snow
Seafood Restaurant
Handbag Store snow
Handbag Store
Sushi Bar snow
Sushi Bar
Wedding Store snow
Wedding Store
Cinema snow
Clothing Store snow-icon
Chic Boutique
Tavern snow
Corner Store snow-icon
Corner Store
Tuxedo Rental snow
Tuxedo Rental
Jewelry Store snow
Jewelry Store
Furniture Store snow
Furniture Store
Music Store snow
Music Store
Tower Eats snow
Tower Eats


Cozy Cottage snow
Cozy Cottage
Family Townhouse snow
Family Townhouse
Country Home snow
Country Home
Suburban Home snow
Suburban House
Loft Apartments snow
Loft Apartments
Spring Bungalow snow
Spring Bungalow
Modern Chateau snow
Modern Chateau
Lake House snow
Lake House
Terraced Brownstone snow
Terraced Brownstone
Stylish Contemporary snow
Stylish Contemporary
Apartment Complex snow
Apartment Complex
Ranch House snow
Ranch House
TV Terrace snow
TV Terrace
Upscale Condos snow
Upscale Condos
Colonial Chalet snow
Colonial Chalet
Hotel Suites snow
Hotel Suites
Skyscraper Condos snow
Skyscraper Condos
Midtown Apartments snow
Midtown Apartments
Glass Condos snow
Glass Condos
Atrium Lofts snow
Atrium Lofts
Bay Point Duplex snow
Bay Point Duplex
Penthouse Tower snow
Penthouse Tower
Newlywed House snow
Newlywed House
Parkside Villa snow
Parkside Villa

Community Buildings[]

City Hall snow
City Hall
Post Office snow
Post Office
Police snow
Emergency Clinic snow
Emergency Clinic
Bank snow
Museum snow
TV Tower snow
Television Tower
Library snow
Zynga Gazette snow
Zynga Gazette
Grade School snow
Grade School
Middle School snow
Middle School
High School snow
High School
Firehouse snow
Hospital snow
Baseball Field snow
Baseball Field
Court House snow
Court House
Art Gallery snow
Modern Art Gallery
Observatory snow
Capitol Building snow
Capitol Building
Mint snow


Red Barn snow
Red Barn
Sticks snow
Pier snow
Cargo Shed snow
Cargo Shed
Warehouse snow


Train Platform snow
Train Platform
Red Lighthouse snow
Red Lighthouse


Tree1 snow Tree2 snow Tree3 snow Tree4 snow Tree5 snow Tree6 snow Tree7 snow
Tree8 snow Tree9 snow Tree10 snow Tree11 snow Tree12 snow Tree13 snow Tree14 snow
Tree15 snow

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