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Snowy Brownstone
Snowy Brownstone-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirement:XP-icon Level 10
Population-icon 10 Population
Unlock Cost:Cash-icon 10 Cash
Cost:Coins-icon 200,000 Coins
Sell unbuilt for:Coins-icon 200,000 Coins
Sell for:Coins-icon 10,000 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 8 Energy
Collection:Holiday Collection
Rent:Coins-icon 98 Coins every 8 hours
Min Pop:Snowman Pop-icon 450 Snowman
Max Pop:Snowman Pop-icon 890 Snowman
Upgrades:Extra large moving truck 60 Bonus Population

The Snowy Brownstone is a 3x3 Santa Sleigh and Winter residence in CityVille.

It costs Coins-icon 200,000 Coins to buy and takes Energy-icon 8 Energy to build. Once built, it increases your city by Snowman Pop-icon 450 Snowman. Rent can be collected every 8 hours and earns Coins-icon 98 Coins. When collecting rent, this building has a chance to give collectibles towards the Holiday Collection.

This was originally only obtainable through the Free Gift Offer by purchasing the Cash-icon 179 Cash Package.

When initially released, this increased the city by a minimum of Population-icon 450 Population and a maximum of 890 Population.

This was later made available as a Holiday 2014 and [[::Category:Giant Snowman Residences|Giant Snowman residence]].

This Residence can be stored in the following Neighborhoods:

Possible Item Drops[]

  • 7% Reindeer Treats-icon Reindeer Treats
  • 40% Alabaster Glass-icon Alabaster Glass
  • 40% Ice Chandelier-icon Ice Chandelier
  • 40% Carbonization Glass-icon Carbonization Glass
3%Gingerbread-icon Gingerbread
3%Glass Ornament-icon Glass Ornament
3%Candles holiday-icon Candles
3%Holiday Card-icon Holiday Card
3%Red Bow-icon Red Bow

Collecting Bonuses[]

85%Coins-icon 98 Coins
8%Coins-icon 98 Coins
Coins-icon 24 Coins
5%Coins-icon 98 Coins
Coins-icon 49 Coins
2%Coins-icon 98 Coins
Coins-icon 98 Coins
85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
40%Population-icon 8 Population
30%Population-icon 7 Population
20%Population-icon 6 Population
15%Population-icon 5 Population
12%Population-icon 4 Population
8%Population-icon 3 Population
5%Population-icon 0-2 Population
Direction SW Direction SE
Snowy Brownstone-SW Snowy Brownstone-SE