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Spanish Event 2011
Pamplona Bull-icon
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Start DateAugust 1, 2011
End DateAugust 9, 2011
Events Timeline
British Event (2011) Spanish Event (2011) Tiki Takeover! (2011)

The Spanish Event is an Event in CityVille which started on August 1, 2011 and ends August 9, 2011. During the event, a number of Spanish themed items were released.

Some of the items were re-released on September 19, 2011 for a limited time. Some of the cash items cost more than the original release price.



Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Other Info
Tapas Restaurant-icon Tapas Restaurant Cash-icon 35 Cash Goods-icon 200 Goods Coins-icon 1,100 Coins Limited Edition Item
Mystery Crate reward


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Alcazar Castle-icon Alcazar Castle Cash-icon 90 Cash Population-icon 3,000-5,500 Population Coins-icon 1,004 Coins every day Limited Edition Item
Mystery Crate reward
Aragon Apartments-icon Aragon Apartments Cash-icon 50 Cash Population-icon 350-700 Population Coins-icon 240 Coins every 4 hours Limited Edition Item
Mystery Crate reward
Galicia Tower-icon Galicia Tower Cash-icon 40 Cash Population-icon 300-600 Population Coins-icon 1,124 Coins every 3.1 days Limited Edition Item
Mystery Crate reward
Valencia Flat-icon Valencia Flat Coins-icon 25,000 Coins Population-icon 150-250 Population Coins-icon 19 Coins every 5 min Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Other Info
Spanish Flag-icon Spanish Flag Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 1% /
Madrid Arc de Triumph-icon Madrid Arc de Triumph Cash-icon 20 Cash 12% Limited Edition Item
Statue of Breogan-icon Statue of Breogan Coins-icon 25,000 Coins 4% Limited Edition Item
Pamplona Bull-icon Pamplona Bull Coins-icon 12,500 Coins 2% Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Goods Growth Other Info
Asparagus-icon Asparagus Cash-icon 4 Cash Goods-icon 127 Goods Instant! Limited Edition

Mystery Crate[]

Cost: Cash-icon 35 Cash

Mystery Crate Rewards
Spain mystery crate-icon Alcazar Castle-icon Aragon Apartments-icon Galicia Tower-icon Tapas Restaurant-icon
Spanish Mystery Crate Alcazar Castle Aragon Apartments Galicia Tower Tapas Restaurant