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Springtime in Cityville Event 2011
Springtime in CityVille-icon
Image © Zynga
Start Date20th April 2011
Events Timeline
Archeological Digs (2011) Springtime in Cityville (2011) The Eating Contest (2011)

The Springtime in CityVille is an Event on CityVille which started on 20th April, 2011. During the event, a number of Spring themed items and some goals were released.


Sporting News!-icon Sporting News!

Sporting Store

Sporting Store-icon


Image Name Cost Suply Payout Other Info
Luggage Store-icon Luggage Store Coins-icon 200,000 Coins Goods-icon 120 Goods Coins-icon 636 Coins XP-icon Level 53 Needed
Sporting Store-icon Sporting Store Quest Reawrd Goods-icon 100 Goods Coins-icon 550 Coins Sporting News!-icon Sporting News! Reward


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Breezy Cabin-icon Breezy Cabin Coins-icon 20,000 Coins Population-icon 130-250 Population Coins-icon 303 Coins / 3.1 days XP-icon Level 37 Needed
Garden Cottage-icon Garden Cottage Coins-icon 1,000,000 Coins Population-icon 700-1180 Population Coins-icon 195 Coins / 8 Hours XP-icon Level 65 Needed
Spring House-icon Spring House Cash-icon 30 Cash Population-icon 500-920 Population Coins-icon 109 Coins / 5 Minutes Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Other Info
Tire Swing1-icon Tire Swing Cash-icon 15 Cash 6% Limited Edition Item
Purple Blossom Tree-icon Purple Blossom Tree Coins-icon 300 Coins 4% /
Weeping Cherry Tree-icon Weeping Cherry Tree Cash-icon 15 Cash 6% /
Cherry Blossom-icon Cherry Blossom Coins-icon 300 Coins 4% /
Dog Walker-icon Dog Walker Cash-icon 20 Cash 6% /
Purple Bloom-icon Purple Bloom Coins-icon 50 Coins 1% /
Red Bloom-icon Red Bloom Coins-icon 50 Coins 1% /