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St. Patrick's Day (2011)
St. Patrick's Day (2011)-icon
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Start Date9th March, 2011
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Happily Ever After (2011) St. Patrick's Day (2011) Twirls and Tiptoes! (2011)

St. Patrick's Day (2011) is an Event on CityVille which started on 27th April, 2011. During the event, a number of Irish themed items and goals were released.


St. Patty's Pub!-icon St. Patty's Pub! Paul And St. Pats-icon Paul And St. Pats Face Painting-icon Face Painting Clovers For Ruth-icon Clovers For Ruth Edgar Bows Down-icon Edgar Bows Down
St. Patty's Pub
Goods-icon 300 Goods St. Patrick's Park Energy-icon 3 Energy Festive Dancers
St. Patty's Pub-icon Goods2-icon St. Patrick's Park-icon Energy-icon Festive Dancers-icon



Image Name Cost Suply Payout Other info
Shamrock Sing-A-Long-icon Shamrock Sing-A-Long 00000000000000002100Coins-icon 2,100 Coins 00000000000000000090Goods-icon 90 Goods 00000000000000000405Coins-icon 405 Coins /
Fiddle Shop-icon Fiddle Shop 00000000000000002400Coins-icon 2,400 Coins 00000000000000000060Goods-icon 60 Goods 00000000000000000258Coins-icon 258 Coins /
St. Patty's Pub-icon St. Patty's Pub 00000000000000002400Coins-icon 2,400 Coins 00000000000000000060Goods-icon 60 Goods 00000000000000000258Coins-icon 258 Coins Quest Unlock:
St. Patty's Pub!-icon St. Patty's Pub!


Image Name Cost Payout
Fiddle Player-icon Fiddle Player 00000000000000002100Coins-icon 2,100 Coins 1%
Painting Booth-icon Painting Booth 00000000000000005000Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 4%
Funny Photos-icon Funny Photos 00000000000000000000Cash-icon 25 Cash 4%
Bountiful Balloons-icon Bountiful Balloons 00000000000000000000Cash-icon 30 Cash 9%
Clover Patch-icon Clover Patch 00000000000000000100Coins-icon 100 Coins 1%
Blossoming Clovers-icon Blossoming Clovers 00000000000000000000Free gift 1%
Clover Topiary-icon Clover Topiary 00000000000000000000Free gift 4%


Image Name Cost Harvest Time Goods Status
Plot Cabbage Cabbage Coins-icon 64 Coins 1.6 days Goods-icon 114 Goods Active
Plot Clover Shamrocks Cash-icon 3 Cash Instant Goods-icon 110 Goods Inactive


Image Name Cost Extra info
Green Clothes Green Clothes 00000000000000000500Coins-icon 500 Coins "Your citizens will paint the town green in style with these festive St. Patty's Day threads. For a limited time only."


St. Patrick's Collection[]

Collect rent from Shamrock Sing-A-Long, St. Patty's Pub, and Fiddle Shop
Grow and Harvest Cabbage

Collectibles Trade-in Reward
4 Leaf Clover-icon Fiddle-icon Leprechaun Hat-icon Pot of Gold-icon Rainbow-icon Energy-icon Goods2-icon
4 Leaf Clover Fiddle Leprechaun Hat Pot of Gold Rainbow Energy-icon 1 Energy Goods-icon 50 Goods