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Start Your Engines!
Start Your Engines!-icon
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Goal Information
DescriptionAfter sitting in traffic each day, I'd love to be able to step on the gas in a go kart! The faster, the better!
Mission fromEdgar
Build go kart attraction iconPlace a Go Kart Attraction
Open go kart attraction iconOpen Go Kart Attraction
Collect go kart attraction iconCollect From Your Go Kart Attraction

Timed Goal-icon Start Your Engines! is one of the timed Goals in CityVille.


Gold Reward-icon Gold[]

(completed within 4 days)

Silver Reward-icon Silver[]

(completed within 8 days)

Bronze Reward-icon Bronze[]

(completed within 12 days)


Start Your Engines!-feed Player is off to the races at their new Go Kart Track!

Player took the checkered flag at the new Go Kart Track today. Technically, they didn't win the race. Hence, their decision to just take the checkered flag. Get City Reward.