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Storage holds your goods and its capacity can be increased by building certain structures. You start out with the ability to store 715 goods. Selling your Red Barn will still enable you to store 300 goods despite not having any storage buildings.

For other types of storage, see Building Storage. For Downtown Premium Good Storage, see Downtown Storage.

Goods Storage[]



Silos are one of a few things you can build for storage. While costing 250 coins, it adds 100 storage spaces. They occupy a two by two plot of area in your city. It can be built quickly like a basic residence house when you need only two energy to finish building. A silo adds 25 goods storage per square of city space.

Silos can be upgraded to increase the number of goods they can store.

Grain Silo[]

Grain silo

The Grain Silo is a Storage building in CityVille that is one of the prizes available to win on the 5th day of the Daily Bonus. Increases storage by 150 Goods. A grain silo adds 37.5 goods storage per square of city space.

Red Barn[]

Red Barn-icon

Red Barns also add storage spaces and each barn adds up 415 spaces. They occupy a four by four plot. The cost is 1000 coins per barn. A red barn adds 25.9375 goods storage per square of city space.

Red Barns can be upgraded to increase the number of goods it can store.



Another building that adds storage are the Sticks which add 485 spaces each time. Sticks occupy 3 by 6 plots and costs 1125 coins. A sticks adds 26.9444 goods storage per square of city space.

Sticks can be upgraded to increase the number of the goods it can store.

Grain Elevator[]

Grain Elevator-icon

Grain Elevator is a 2x2 sized storage available. The only way to obtain it is to complete and turn in the Train Collection. It takes 2 Energy to build. Increases the storage limit by 700 per Grain Elevator. A Grain Elevator adds 175 goods per square of city space. The Grain Elevator is the most efficient goods storage in terms of how much goods can be stored in a single square of city space.

Super Grain Elevator[]

Super Grain Elevator-icon

The Super Grain Elevator is 2x2 sized just like the Grain Elevator, but is purple instead. It is available for a limited time, costing 55 City Cash and stores 1200 goods. A Super Grain Elevator adds 300 goods per square of city space.

Cargo Shed[]

Cargo Shed-icon

Cargo Shed is a City Cash building that adds 1,000 spaces for goods but cost 20 City Cash. Cargo Sheds occupy 3 by 3 plots. A Cargo Shed adds 111.11 goods per square of city space. Cargo Shed was once a reward for completing Bullet Train, a goal that was later removed from the game.Currently available as a reward for completing all four parts of the Grassroots Greenhouse goals.

Super Cargo Shed[]

Super Cargo Shed-icon

The Super Cargo Shed is 3x3 sized just like the Cargo Shed, but is blue instead. It is available for a limited time, costing 50 City Cash and stores 4000 goods. A Super Cargo Shed adds 444.44 goods per square of city space.



Unlike the storage buildings which can be bought in the Farming section, Piers do not only have the purpose of storing goods. Their main purpose is to offer an additional way of getting goods (via Shipping). But they are also great storage buildings due to their high goods per plot ratio and the fact that Piers can partially (close to totally) be built on water plots.

The pier can be upgraded to Level 2 and store Goods-icon 1500 Goods, and Level 3 to store Goods-icon 2500 Goods.

Export Port[]

Export Port-icon

Like Piers (see above), but instead of storing 420 goods, Export Ports have a storage capacity of 850 goods.

The Export Port can be upgraded to Level 2 and store Goods-icon 1500 Goods, and Level 3 to store Goods-icon 2500 Goods.

Mega Silo[]

Mega Silo-icon

The Mega Silo is 3x3, and only available from completing the File:Fruit Stand & Deliver-icon.png Fruit Stand & Deliver goal. A Mega Silo stores 5000 goods, and can be sold before construction for Coins-icon 100000 Coins.

Distribution Center[]

Distribution Center-icon

The Distribution Center is 6x6, and stores 12000 goods. It stores the most goods than of any storage building. It was released as part of the Metropolis Event (2011) and costs Cash-icon 100 Cash.

Heritage Barn[]

Heritage Barn-icon

The Heritage Barn is a 4x4 storage building in CityVille. It is a reward for completing Gold Reward-icon Gold in the A Barn Burner-icon A Barn Burner goal. It stores Goods-icon 1,500 Goods and sells for Coins-icon 40,000 Coins before construction.

Beelzebub's Barn[]

Beelzebub's Barn-icon

The Beelzebub's Barn is a 3x3 storage available in CityVille during the Halloween Event (2011). It stores 1000 goods. It was a reward for completing Happy Halloween!-icon Happy Halloween! Act 2.

Reindeer Barn[]

Reindeer Barn-icon

The Reindeer Barn is a 4x4 storage available in CityVille during the Holiday Event (2011). It stores 10,000 goods. It was a reward for completing Save The Holidays!-icon Save The Holidays! Act 2.

Storage Cellar[]

Storage Cellar-icon

The Storage Cellar is a 2x2 storage building. It costs Cash-icon 78 Cash to buy and stores Goods-icon 7,000 Goods.

Red Shack[]

Red Shack-icon

The Red Shack is a 3x3 storage building. It costs Cash-icon 100 Cash to buy and stores Goods-icon 10,000 Goods.

Oil Rig[]

Oil Rig-icon

The Oil Rig is a 4x4 storage building. It costs Cash-icon 107 Cash to buy and stores Goods-icon 15,000 Goods, which is the highest of any storage building.

Vintage Cargo Hangar[]

Vintage Cargo Hangar-icon

The Vintage Cargo Hangar is a 4x4 storage. It is a reward for completing the Travel the World!-icon Travel the World! quest. It stores Goods-icon 5,000 Goods.


Name Goods Price Size Plots Goods/Plot
Silo 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 00000000000000000250Coins-icon 250 Coins 2x2 4 25
Silo Level 2 00000000000000000300Goods-icon 300 Goods 2x2 4 75
Silo Level 3 00000000000000000500Goods-icon 500 Goods 2x2 4 125
Silo Level 4 00000000000000001000Goods-icon 1000 Goods 2x2 4 250
Grain Silo 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 00000000000000000000Coins-icon 0 Coins 2x2 4 37.5
Red Barn 00000000000000000415Goods-icon 415 Goods 00000000000000001000Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 4x4 16 25.94
Red Barn Level 2 00000000000000001245Goods-icon 1,245 Goods 4x4 16 77.81
Red Barn Level 3 00000000000000002075Goods-icon 2,075 Goods 4x4 16 129.69
Red Barn Level 4 00000000000000004150Goods-icon 4,150 Goods 4x4 16 259.38
Pier 00000000000000000420Goods-icon 420 Goods 00000000000000005000Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 4x4 16 26.25
Pier 2 00000000000000001500Goods-icon 1500 Goods 4x4 16 93.75
Pier 3 00000000000000002500Goods-icon 2,500 Goods 4x4 16 156.25
Sticks 00000000000000000485Goods-icon 485 Goods 00000000000000001125Coins-icon 1,125 Coins 3x6 18 26.94
Sticks Level 2 00000000000000001455Goods-icon 1,455 Goods 3x6 18 80.83
Sticks Level 3 00000000000000002425Goods-icon 2,425 Goods 3x6 18 124.72
Sticks Level 4 00000000000000004850Goods-icon 4,850 Goods 3x6 18 269.44
Grain Elevator 00000000000000000700Goods-icon 700 Goods 00000000000000000000Coins-icon 0 Coins 2x2 4 175
Export Port 00000000000000000850Goods-icon 850 Goods 00000000000000100000Coins-icon 100000 Coins 4x4 16 53.13
Cargo Shed 00000000000000001000Goods-icon 1,000 Goods 00000000000000000020Cash-icon 20 Cash 3x3 9 111.11
Super Grain Elevator 00000000000000001200Goods-icon 1,200 Goods 00000000000000000055Cash-icon 55 Cash 2x2 4 300
Super Cargo Shed 00000000000000004000Goods-icon 4,000 Goods 00000000000000000050Cash-icon 50 Cash 3x3 9 444.44
Mega Silo 00000000000000005000Goods-icon 5,000 Goods 00000000000000000000Coins-icon 0 Coins 3x3 9 555.56
Distribution Center 00000000000000012000Goods-icon 12,000 Goods 00000000000000000100Cash-icon 100 Cash 6x6 36 333.33
Heritage Barn 00000000000000001500Goods-icon 1,500 Goods 00000000000000000000Coins-icon 0 Coins 4x4 16 93.75
Beelzebub's Barn 00000000000000001000Goods-icon 1,000 Goods 00000000000000000000Coins-icon 0 Coins 3x3 9 111.11
Reindeer Barn 00000000000000010000Goods-icon 10,000 Goods 00000000000000000000Coins-icon 0 Coins 4x4 16 625
Storage Cellar 00000000000000007000Goods-icon 7,000 Goods 00000000000000000078Cash-icon 78 Cash 2x2 4 1750
Red Shack 00000000000000010000Goods-icon 10,000 Goods 00000000000000000100Cash-icon 100 Cash 3x3 9 1111.11
Oil Rig 00000000000000015000Goods-icon 15,000 Goods 00000000000000000108Cash-icon 108 Cash 4x4 16 937.5
Vintage Cargo Hangar 00000000000000005000Goods-icon 5,000 Goods 00000000000000000000Coins-icon 0 Coins 4x4 16 555.55

Farm Plot & Boat Efficiency[]

If a player has crops waiting to be harvested or boats waiting to be unloaded, but cannot be done because the goods storage is full, this results in "harvesting inefficiency". This can be solved by increasing the storage limit by building one of the various storage buildings. This will increase the efficiency of farm plots and boats in the city by keeping all crops and boats harvested and replanted instead of sitting idle because of inadequate storage. This benefits the player by allowing them to dedicate less land to farm plots and spend less energy harvesting.


Grass Roots Greenhouse-icon

Greenhouses saves space by having the ability to hold up to 14 Farm Plots in a 4x4 area. Buying and upgrading a Grass Roots Greenhouse will automatically include the plots, which cannot be taken out.

Building Storage[]

To help players from having crowded cities, building storage reduces this problem by storing many buildings within one building. See their respective pages for more information.


Housing: Neighborhoods[]

Neighborhoods hold housing and can only store 15 specific residences.

Businesses: Malls[]

File:Mall 5-icon.png

Malls hold businesses and gives a payout bonus to each stored business. The bonus increases with each floor. The Mall and the Second Mall can store any type of business. The Food Court can only store Restaurants and the Fashion Center can only store Fashion Boutiques.

Community Buildings[]

City Center-icon

These buildings are given out through goals and each player can have only one of each.

Goods Storage[]

The Storage Facility holds goods storage, acting as storage within storage. It is found under facilities in the goods section of the build menu. It can hold up to 15 items when fully upgraded.


Deluxe Warehouse-icon

The Warehouse or Deluxe Warehouse can hold most buildings and decorations. When stored here these items are in essence taken out of the game. The buildings placed in other types of storage are still in play and can be collected from.

The latest limit is 300 items. This new limit also adds a special interface that can be used even away from the Warehouse, including in Downtown. (See: Zynga's Guide to "More Storage!")

Also: Certain buildings and decorations, when Removed, will automatically be stored in your Inventory. Some of these may need to be completely rebuilt, or re-staffed. Always be careful whenever using the Remove function, as some items are permanantly deleted and can never be recovered.

Zynga is adding the ability to place one building on top of the other, forcing the bottom one into storage. Read about it at Zynga's Guide. They refer to it as 'Place and Scoop'.