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Suburban House
Suburban House-icon
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Requirement:XP-icon Level 4
Unlock Cost:Cash-icon 4 Cash
Cost:Coins-icon 800 Coins
Sell for:Coins-icon 40 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 2 Energy
Collection:Suburbia Collection
Rent:Coins-icon 180 Coins every 18 hours
Min Pop:Population-icon 40 Population
Max Pop:Population-icon 60 Population
Population Upgrades
Upgrades:Small moving truck 10 Bonus Population

The Suburban House is a 4x4 sized Housing item available in CityVille. It unlocks when the player reaches XP-icon Level 4.

It costs Coins-icon 800 Coins and takes Energy-icon 2 Energy to build. Once built, it increases your city's population by Population-icon 40 Population. Rent can be collected every 18 hours and earns Coins-icon 180 Coins. When collecting rent, this building has a chance to give collectibles towards the Suburbia Collection.

This Family Residence can be stored in the following Neighborhoods:


Suburban House

Suburban Home snow

Suburban Home with snow top.


Suburban Houses are one story homes, or bungalows, which are gray in color and have gray-green roof-tiles. They have a chimney, yellow flower patch, garage and driveway and take up a 4x4 space of land.

Cost and efficiency[]

In terms of housing, a Suburban House is not a very worthwhile investment if a player is interested in rent collection. A Suburban House has a relatively low turnover at only Coins-icon 10 Coins per hour. If a player was to collect rent from the building perfectly, every 18 hours, it would take them 3.3 days before they would have collected rent to the sum of the amount they paid to place the building in the first place.

Population building[]

In terms of population increase, perhaps for one of the goals to have a certain number of citizens, Suburban Houses are only efficient in the early levels of the game. At 40 population and 800 coins, this translates to an investment of 20 coins per citizen - which is exactly the same cost as a Family Townhouse, Country Home and Loft Apartments. In comparison, however, Cozy Cottages only cost 10 coins per citizen. Meanwhile, a Modern Chateau works out to be a worse investment at 25 coins per citizen.


Suburban Houses are essentially worth 10 coins per hour, if rent is collected on time (once every 18 hours). For this reason, Family Townhouses (25 coins per hour) and Cozy Cottages (50 coins per hour) are more profitable, especially when considering the initial investment cost required when building the house.

Collecting Rewards[]

85%Coins-icon 180 Coins
8%Coins-icon 180 Coins
Coins-icon 45 Coins
5%Coins-icon 180 Coins
Coins-icon 90 Coins
2%Coins-icon 360 Coins
85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy


When collecting from this house there is a 3% chance of a collectible from the Suburbia Collection dropping.

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Tennis Rackets-icon Loveseat-icon Vacuum-icon Red Wagon-icon Computer-icon Red Dog House-icon
Tennis Rackets Loveseat Vacuum Red Wagon Computer Red Dog House


Direction NW Direction NE Direction SW Direction SE
Suburban House-NW Suburban House-NE Suburban House-SW Suburban House-SE

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