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The Sugar may refer to:

Early Riser Collection[]

Image © Zynga
Collectible Information
Collection:Early Riser Collection
Additional Items Required
Item 1:Coffee-icon Coffee
Item 2:Cream-icon Cream
Item 3:Doughnut-icon Doughnut
Item 4:Latte-icon Latte
Reward:Energy-icon 3 Energy
Goods-icon 50 Goods

The Sugar are a collectible item needed to complete the Early Riser Collection.

There is a 3% chance of collecting this from the Coffee Shop-icon Coffee Shop, Hot Cocoa Shop-icon Hot Cocoa Shop, Urban Beans-icon Urban Beans, and Boulevard Apartment-icon Boulevard Apartment.

Good To Go! Goal[]

Sugar 2-icon
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Collect From: Buildings
Reset Time:4 Hours
Expiration Time:48 Hours
Host Reward:Sugar 2-icon Sugar
(Max: 40)
Help Reward:Sugar 2-icon Sugar
(Max: 40)

The Sugar is an item needed to complete the Good To Go!-icon Good To Go! goal.

These can be collected from Sugar Cane crops with a 25% chance per harvest.

Treats 'n Sweets[]

Sugar 3-viral
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Type:Wall Post
Reset Time:4 hours
Expiration Time:48 hours
Cash:Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Host Reward:Sugar 3-viral Sugar
(Max: 5)
Help Reward:Sugar 3-viral Sugar
(Max: 5)
Inv. Limit:16

The Sugar is an item needed to complete the Treats 'N Sweets-icon Treats 'N Sweets.