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The Heartbreaker
The heartbreaker
Heartbreaker Captured

The Heartbreaker is one of the bandits in CityVille added with the expansion of the police station.


"As a poor child, my mama told me I was only good for singin' and stealin'! She was right. So I still steal from her even though I love her tenderly!"


To capture a bandit, first collect rent from any of your businesses. When collecting rent from a business, you have a 20% chance of having a bandit appear. This bandit requires 4 officers on patrol. He will appear in your city near the business they robbed and walk around the same way the citizens appear except they also have a small box over their head. Click this box to capture them.


Icon Wall Post
Heartbreaker Reward
"It's a hunka hunka bad news for the chubby guy in [Name] Town as [Name] and Officer [Name] send him to rock in jail! Celebrate with a donut!"


Capturing The Heartbreaker will reward you with a Donut Shop. The reward appears in your inventory.