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To Catch a Thief
To Catch a Thief-icon
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Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 30
Release DateJanuary 26, 2012
DescriptionCome on! I'll help you find these scumbags! I think I know where they may be hiding!
HintsComplete all 3 goals to earn the Baroque Fountain decoration.
Mission fromVance
Italian Relic-iconCollect 30 Italian Relics from Residences or Friends
(Cash-icon 60 Cash)
Capture 5 bandits iconCatch 5 Bandits
(Cash-icon 20 Cash)
Italian Castle!-iconCollect 6 times from the Italian Castle
(Cash-icon 24 Cash)
XPXP-icon 175 XP
EnergyEnergy-icon 5 Energy
Goal Completion
DescriptionJust as I suspected! The thieves were still hiding in the Castle! Well, at least it was easy to find them!
Italian Castle!-icon Italian Castle! To Catch a Thief-icon To Catch a Thief Tourist Attraction!-icon Tourist Attraction!

To Catch a Thief is a goal in CityVille during the Italian Event.

Vance says: "Oh no! Thieves have stolen some of your valuable relics! Let's go catch them and get your relics back!!"

Announce italian castle


Italian Castle-feed City is itching to visit the new Italian Castle!

Player was pretty impressed with the new Italian Castle for the most part. But they were a little disappointed that it didn't have a moat or a drawbridge.