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A tour bus

Tour buses are used when visiting neighbors' cities to help friends with their businesses. They are one of the possible "help actions" available to a player when they visit their neighbors, which deliver customers to businesses to increase the time it takes for the business to be ready for payout collection.

How to use Tour Buses[]

Tour buses work in the same way as all other help actions available to players when they visit neighbors' cities. The player should click on the business they wish to send a tour bus to. A tour bus will appear a couple of streets away and drive towards the business. When the tour bus arrives at the business, it will "unload" and a number of customers will exit the vehicle and enter the business. At this point, the player can collect their bonus coins and reputation.

When a player logs into the game to find that a neighbor has supplied their businesses with tour buses, the procedure is much like any help actions provided by a friend. The neighbor's portrait will be above one of the businesses, and the player will have to click the portrait and either accept or decline the help. If the player accepts the help, tour buses will appear a couple of streets away and drive towards the destination. A number of customers will exit the vehicle and enter the business, and will give a small number of "served" citizens - thus increasing the speed it takes to be ready for payout collection.

If a player accepts Tour Bus help for businesses which are out of supplies or already available for collection, the help will result in no reward for the them.

A player cannot create Tour Buses in their own city.

Tour buses can be sent to 50 zFriends and 50 Facebook friends each day.

Tour Buses Usefulness[]

Most players don't see much benefit in Tour Buses. The amount of customers provided is relatively small compared to the amount of customers needed for the higher end businesses requiring 100+ citizens to visit before payout such as a Cinema, and the help is usually more appreciated for jobs that require a lot of energy but are not at the top of a player's priorities - such as collecting from housing buildings or choppingtrees.

Goals requiring Tour Buses[]

Scout Businesses[]

See also: Scout Businesses

Scout Businesses requires players to send 10 Tour Buses in their neighbor's cities. It is one of the goals provided by Edgar, and the reward is 1 experience point (XP).

Material Item[]

Tour Bus
Tour Bus 2-viral
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Type:Direct Friend Request
Reset Time:4 hours
Expiration Time:48 hours
Cash:Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Host Reward:Tour Bus 2-viral Tour Bus
(Max: 6)
Help Reward:Tour Bus 2-viral Tour Bus
(Max: 6)
Inv. Limit:15

The Tour Bus is an item needed to complete certain Alps Buildings.