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Tourists are temporary visitors of the city. They come from Cruise Ships through the City Port. They spend at businesses twice more than the permanent residents of the city. Having these tourists in your city will speed up how quickly the businesses sell out after you supply them and fill up your hotels and attractions after you opened them. They stay as guests at the Hotel, Sailboat Hotel, or Haunted Hotel and exit when the Hotels' earnings are collected.

Other ways of getting tourists are by hosting an event in the Expo Center, after the event is over tourist will get out as common.

The number of tourists will vary depending on which Cruise Tour they came from.

When they initially arrive to the city, they have a 'Green Dollar' symbol on the top of their heads. After they've done business in your city, they will have a 'Brown Briefcase' symbol appears after which they leave the city or stay at a Hotel.

Before unloading the tourist passengers from the docked cruise ships or releasing guests from the hotels, make sure the businesses in your city are resupplied with goods or premium goods (not sold out or empty). This ensures they have places to go shopping.

Also try to place the businesses, attractions, or hotels near the cruise ships so they don't have to travel too far, since their time in the city is limited.

Visiting your neighbors or exiting the game causes any unloaded tourists in your city to disappear.


Hints were given out initially after the bridge goal was published.

We're going to be rich and friends from everywhere will visit! This real estate is perfect for your first hotel and eventually an entire resort. It's going to be a very fun and busy summer!

Hotel Teaser


'Friends from everywhere' where Edgar mentioned were actually tourists. And by 'We're going to be rich' there was also a hint that there was a chance of earning more income with the help of tourists.