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Welcome Lorenzo's Family Event (2011)
Welcome Lorenzo's Family-icon
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Start DateMarch 23, 2011
End DateSeptember 7, 2011
Events Timeline
Twirls and Tiptoes! (2011) Welcome Lorenzo's Family (2011) Higher Education (2011)

Welcome Lorenzo's Family is an Event in CityVille which started on March 23rd, 2011. During the event, a number of Italian themed items and goals were released.


Little Italy-icon Little Italy Italian Restaurant-icon Italian Restaurant Build Restaurant-icon Build Restaurant Lorenzo's Family-icon Lorenzo's Family House The Family!-icon House The Family! Family Value!-icon Family Value! Sneezy Niece!-icon Sneezy Niece!
Coins-icon 200 Coins
Energy-icon 2 Energy
Goods-icon 100 Goods
Tomatoes-icon Tomatoes
Panini Shop-icon Panini Shop
Coins-icon 200 Coins
Pizzeria-icon Pizzeria


Community Buildings[]

Image Landmark Cost Allows Completion Requirement
Cooking School-icon Cooking School Coins-icon 19,500 Coins Population-icon 470 Population 3x5 Set Items XP-icon Level 24


Image Name Cost Supply Payout Other Info
Cheese Market-icon Cheese Market Coins-icon 7,200 Coins Goods-icon 150 Goods Coins-icon 690 Coins XP-icon Level 28
Pizzeria-icon Pizzeria Coins-icon 6,700 Coins Goods-icon 140 Goods Coins-icon 630 Coins Unlocked with Sneezy Niece!-icon Sneezy Niece!
Italian Ice Parlor-icon Italian Ice Parlor Cash-icon 25 Cash Goods-icon 130 Goods Coins-icon 715 Coins /
Panini Shop-icon Panini Shop Coins-icon 6,300 Coins Goods-icon 120 Goods Coins-icon 528 Coins Unlocked with House The Family!-icon House The Family!


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Milan Apartments-icon Milan Apartments Coins-icon 7,000 Coins Population-icon 100-200 Population Coins-icon 215 Coins / 24 hours XP-icon Level 23
Tuscan Villa-icon Tuscan Villa Coins-icon 9,500 Coins Population-icon 110-220 Population Coins-icon 80 Coins / 2 hours XP-icon Level 29


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout
Piazza Pylon-icon Piazza Pylon Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 4%
Chess Corner-icon Chess Corner Cash-icon 28 Cash 8%
Street Flag-icon Street Flag Coins-icon 200 Coins 1%
Alleyway-icon Alleyway Coins-icon 8,000 Coins 6%
Alley-icon Alley Coins-icon 10,000 Coins 8%
Bocce Ballers-icon Bocce Ballers Cash-icon 28 Cash 16%
Soccer Dribbler-icon Soccer Dribbler Cash-icon 8 Cash 2%
Bike Rack-icon Bike Rack Gift 1%
Piazza Bikes-icon Piazza Bikes Coins-icon 150 Coins 1%
Piazza Guardrail-icon Piazza Guardrail Gift 1%
Piazza Sidewalk-icon Piazza Sidewalk Coins-icon 25 Coins /


Image Name Cost Growth Time Goods Other Info
Tomatoes-icon Tomatoes Coins-icon 41 Coins 31 minutes Goods-icon 36 Goods Unlocked with Lorenzo's Family-icon Lorenzo's Family


Italian Cuisine Collection[]

Collect rent from Cheese Market, Panini Shop, Tuscan Villa, Italian Ice Parlor and Pizzeria.

Italian Cuisine Collection
Collectibles Trade-In Rewards
Cannoli-icon Chicken Parmesan-icon Espresso-icon Linguine And Clams-icon Spaghetti-icon Energy-icon Goods-icon
Cannoli Chicken Parmesan Espresso Linguine And Clams Spaghetti 3 50

Tomato Collection[]

Grow and Harvest Tomatoes to complete the Tomato Collection.

Tomato Collection
Collectibles Trade-In Rewards
Bruschetta-icon Fried Tomatoes-icon Red Salsa-icon Stewed Tomatoes-icon Tomato Soup-icon Coins-icon XP-icon
Bruschetta Fried Tomatoes Red Salsa Stewed Tomatoes Tomato Soup 25 3