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Welcome The World!
Welcome The World!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 30
Release DateFebruary 1, 2012
DescriptionWelcome the world to your city and add international flavor from countries from around the globe! Click on a flag and start your journey to become an Ambassador to the world!
Mission fromSamantha 2-icon Sam
Act 1: In Good Taste
Act 2: Labor Of Love
Act 3: Date With Destiny
ItemSS Tiburon-icon SS Tiburon
Goal Completion
DescriptionYou have welcomed the world to your beautiful city!
XP ShareXP-icon 100 XP
Goods ShareGoods-icon 200 Goods

The Welcome The World! is a Downtown, Lakefront, Alps, and normal City goal Saga in CityVille that requires the completion of 9 goals to earn the grand prize of the SS Tiburon.

Completing Act 1-3 will reward Goods-icon 200 Goods to 5 other players via the Wall Post. Likewise, completing the Saga will reward XP-icon 100 XP.

Welcome the World Menu

Act 1: In Good Taste[]

Reward: Smitherman Stables
Smitherman Stables-icon

Italian Event-icon Italy Questline

Welcome Italy!-icon Welcome Italy! The Family Business-icon The Family Business Life In The Fast Lane!-icon Life In The Fast Lane!
Coins-icon 3,000 Coins
Goods-icon 100 Goods
Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
XP-icon 30 XP
Italian Plaza-icon
Italian Plaza

France Event-icon France Questline

On The House!-icon On The House! Food For Thought-icon Food For Thought Hot Off The Grill!-icon Hot Off The Grill!
Coins-icon 5,000 Coins
XP-icon 25 XP
Coins-icon 1,000 Coins
Goods-icon 500 Goods
Parisian Bakery-icon
Parisian Bakery

Spanish Event-icon Spain Questline

Add Some Culture!-icon Add Some Culture! Happy Customers!-icon Happy Customers! A Spanish Spark!-icon A Spanish Spark!
Coins-icon 10,000 Coins
Zoning Permit-doober 1 Zoning Permit
Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
XP-icon 20 XP
Flamenco Dancing-icon
Flamenco Dancing
You made quite the impression on these peeps! But you're not out of the wicked woods yet!

Act 1 Completion Share[]

Feed quest complete generic Player Has Good Taste! City is one step closer to becoming an International City!

Player found a recipe for success and is savoring their trips to Italy, France, and Spain!

Act 2: Labor Of Love[]

Reward: Zeppelin

Japan Event-icon Japan Questline

My Cup Of Tea!-icon My Cup Of Tea! Sketch Artist-icon Sketch Artist Japanese Juggernaut-icon Japanese Juggernaut
Japanese House-icon
Japanese House
XP-icon 15 XP
Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
Mugatu Media Inc-icon
Mugatu Media Inc

USA Event-icon USA Questline

Dream Job!-icon Dream Job! Film Buff-icon Film Buff Matinee Idol-icon Matinee Idol
XP-icon 15 XP
Coins-icon 5,000 Coins
Goods-icon 200 Goods
Coins-icon 1,000 Coins
Movies In The Park-icon
Movies In The Park

UK Event-icon UK Questline

English Major-icon English Major Closing The Book-icon Closing The Book Turning The Page!-icon Turning The Page!
English Countryside Cabin-icon
English Countryside Cabin
Goods-icon 200 Goods
Coins-icon 8,000 Coins
Fantasy Bookstore-icon
Fantasy Bookstore
The peeps love their new jobs! But you still have a job of your own to do!

Act 2 Completion Share[]

Feed quest complete generic Player Has Good Taste! City is one step closer to becoming an International City!

Player really put the "passion" in "passion project" on their trips to Brazil, England, and the USA!

Act 3: Date With Destiny[]

Reward: Jetair Passenger
Jetair Passenger-icon

Dubai flag0 icon Dubai Questline

Family Man-icon Family Man Business & Pleasure!-icon Business & Pleasure! A Family Tradition!-icon A Family Tradition!
Cement Truck#Reward
Cement Truck
Goods-icon 5,000 Goods
Coins-icon 5,000 Coins
Destiny Tower-icon
Destiny Tower

Brazilian Event 2-icon Brazil Questline

A Full Plate!-icon A Full Plate! Game Face!-icon Game Face! Kids At Heart!-icon Kids At Heart!
XP-icon 10 XP
Coins-icon 5,000 Coins
Brazilian Cottage-icon
Brazilian Cottage
Soccer Training-icon
Soccer Training

Welcome The World-icon "International" Questline

Breaking News!-icon Breaking News! Making Headlines!-icon Making Headlines! A Whole New World!-icon A Whole New World!
XP-icon 25 XP Sam's Downtown Studio-icon
Sam's Downtown Studio
Sam's Newstand-icon
Sam's Newstand
Grand Prize: SS Tiburon
SS Tiburon-icon
You have welcomed the lands of Dubai, Brazil and the world and have gained many beautiful sites!

Act 3 Completion Share[]

Feed quest complete generic Player Has Good Taste! City is one step closer to becoming an International City!

Player has built up quite the international reputation with their trips to Japan and Dubai!

Completion Share[]

Feed quest complete generic City has become an Ambassador to the World!

Player has turned City into a world class metropolis by becoming an Ambassador!