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Wind Farm
Wind Farm-icon
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Requirements:XP-icon Level 46
Construction:Energy-icon 15 Energy
Completion:Windmill Brakes-viral 10× Windmill Brakes

Windmill Petition-viral 10× Windmill Petition
Windmill Blades-viral 10× Windmill Blades
Windmill Tower-viral 10× Windmill Tower

Windmill Windvane-viral 10× Windmill Windvane

The Wind Farm is a 8x4 structure that can increase your energy cap by 5 to 35 (without any other upgrades) at level 1. This feature requires XP-icon Level 46. To unlock it, you need to expand to where the Wind Farm is located in your city (location may vary). As of June 12, 2012, the Wind Farm can be upgraded to level 3, increasing your energy cap by an additional 2.

It works like the Dam. You need to supply it every 12 hours to increase your energy cap by +1, for a maximum of +5. If you do not supply it after 24 hours, you will lose 1 bonus energy but it will not go under your cap of 30.

You can receive bonus energy cap from using both the Dam and Wind Farm for +12, a maximum cap of 42.

Unlike the Dam, you can move the Wind Farm once you unlock that expansion.

You do not need to complete the associated goals in order to unlock the Wind Farm. It is needed if you wish to complete the Second Wind-icon Second Wind Goal.


Wind Farm Level 2 Level 3
Wind Farm-icon Wind Farm-icon
Required Materials: Silver Blades-viral 8× Silver Blades

Silver Tower-viral 8× Silver Tower
Silver Windvane-viral 8× Silver Windvane
Silver Petition-viral 8× Silver Petition
Silver Brake Pads-viral 8× Silver Brake Pads

Gold Blades-viral 10× Gold Blades

Gold Tower-viral 10× Gold Tower
Gold Windvane-viral 10× Gold Windvane
Gold Petition-viral 10× Gold Petition
Gold Brake Pads-viral 10× Gold Brake Pads

Reward: Energy Cap: +6
Energy-icon 5 Energy
Zoning Permit-doober 1 Zoning Permit
Energy Cap: +7
Energy-icon 10 Energy
Zoning Permit-doober 2 Zoning Permit


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