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The Zoo feature was added to CityVille on 29th April, 2011. This introduced new gameplay where by players of at least XP-icon Level 17, build and run their own Zoo! Animals are collected from donations, which are gifted by CityVille friends via wall posts, along with Coins, Goods & Energy. Animals range in rarity (common, uncommon, rare).

A range of Zoo related decorations and businesses were also added, although zoo decor will only reward payout bonuses when used in conjunction with Zoo Habitats. The habitats work as a decoration too, giving a 9% bonus to each other when inside the bonus range.

The fifth habitat has not yet been released, but it has been speculated that this is the water animals habitat.


Everyone that has reached Level 17+ will be given a Habitat to place in their city. You will also receive your first animal with the habitat. The choice of animal you are given will

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be random. Look for the green "Place" button under animals. The zoo interface allows you to place and manage the animals in your habitat. Use the "Place" button to see animal in your Zoo habitat.

To remove an animal from your Zoo Habitat hover over the animal in your Zoo interface and use the "X". You will then see the count be adjusted. If you choose to you can always go ahead and re-place animal back into your zoo inventory. Once placed in the interface, select "See My Zoo" to find the animals in your Zoo Habitat.


Q: Can anyone build a Zoo? A: Zoos are available for players level 17+

Q: How do I get more animals? A: You can request for donations from your friends in the zoo interface or purchase with cash. Your rewarded donations will be random and can vary from gift baskets, decorations or an animal.

Q: Why would I want to collect more animals? A: The more animals you have in your zoo, the more coins you collect from your zoo habitat.

Q: Where is my animal? I asked for donations? A: Donations sent from friends are random, you may get decorations, gift basket or animal. Your animals that you receive or purchase will not be in your main inventory. However, they will be available in your Zoo Inventory which can be found by clicking on your Zoo Habitat.

Q: How and Why would I want to send donations? A: Watch for requests from friends on your game feed asking for more animals. When you donate to their zoo, you get something too!